Torres Strait Transport Infrastructure Plan

The Torres Strait Transport Infrastructure Plan was undertaken by Transport and Main Roads in close consultation with Torres Shire Council and the Torres Strait Regional Authority. It recommends strategies for ensuring safe, efficient and sustainable access to freight and passenger transport services throughout the Torres Strait Islands and includes an implementation plan.

The study area included all islands in the Torres Strait plus connections to key transport hubs on Cape York.

The study included the following steps:

  1. Identify issues impacting on existing and future provision of transport infrastructure and transport services.
  2. Establish existing demands and community need for freight and passenger transport.
  3. Project transport demands out to 2026.
  4. Develop a vision and supporting plan in consultation with the key stakeholders.
  5. Develop strategies for the provision of transport infrastructure and services that meet identified community needs.
  6. Identify appropriate technologies and transport infrastructure and service options required.


Funding for the implementation of the plan will be derived from a range of sources including federal and state agency contributions, programs and grants.


The study considered 6 options for meeting future transport needs in the Torres Strait and assessed these based on the following criteria:

  • integration
  • accessibility
  • connectivity
  • serviceability
  • cost of implementation
  • affordability to travellers
  • community development
  • environmental responsiveness.

A preferred option for the most suitable transport network to service the Torres Strait was determined which involved the continuation of current services with additional improvements.

Study area of the Torres Strait Transport Infrastructure Plan 2006

A map of the study area

Island communities rely on marine transport for both freight and passenger needs.

Photograph of a jetty from above

Pedestrian and cycle links to ferry terminals are especially important for students.

Photograph of people on a jetty

Twelve islands have sealed airstrips.

Photograph of a plane landing taken from inside cockpit