Warrego Highway (Ipswich - Toowoomba) and Haigslea - Amberley Road interchange, planning (commonly known as the Warrego Highway and Haigslea-Amberley Upgrade)

Planning is being undertaken that will identify preferred options to address safety issues at the Warrego Highway and Haigslea-Amberley Road intersection.

In early 2020, an initial planning study was completed that investigated options to address safety issues at the Haigslea–Amberley Road intersection with the Warrego Highway. This initial planning study identified no intersection safety improvements that fully addressed these issues.

In mid-2021, the department undertook community consultation to allow TMR to better understand the transport priorities of the area and current concerns with the interchange.

Around 300 individuals, businesses and organisations took part in the community consultation.

Feedback received supported the need for an interchange upgrade.

Find our more about the consultation outcomes and the summary consultation report.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Contributes to economy
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Better active transport
  • Reduces travel time
  • Better road access

Key features

This planning phase (Preliminary Evaluation) will identify preferred options to address the safety issues at the intersection.


The Queensland Government has committed $799,000 to deliver a preliminary evaluation that will identify preferred options. This project has been included in the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program 2021–22 to 2024–25 ID 1538623. 

At this stage, there is no funding for further planning, design or construction. Funding for further stages will compete against other statewide priorities. 

Total investment
Queensland Government

Current status

Community consultation closed on 20 June 2021.

Community consultation

Between May and June 2021 community consultation was completed as part of the Preliminary Evaluation phase of this project.  

Warrego Highway (Ipswich–Toowoomba) and Haigslea-Amberley Road interchange, planning project map

Overview map of Warrego Highway Ipswich Toowoomba and Haigslea Amberley Road intersection