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Heavy vehicles

Information for heavy vehicles:

Forward collision avoidance technology

These systems can sense other road users or objects in the forward path of the vehicle and warn the driver or apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

  • National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

    National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

  • Higher mass limits

    Queensland has a policy that allows vehicles fitted with road-friendly suspension to carry more freight on routes that are capable of accepting higher masses.

  • Excess mass and dimensions

    Vehicles operating under excess mass and/or excess dimension guidelines or permits can potentially damage the road infrastructure and effect the safety of other road users.

  • National heavy vehicle charges

    Heavy vehicle reforms are underway to create uniform heavy vehicle regulations across the country.

  • Multi-combination vehicles

    Guidelines for the use of multi-combination vehicles in Queensland.

  • Fatigue management

    National reforms to combat heavy vehicle driver fatigue are about making the roads safer and fairer, not just for heavy vehicle drivers, but for all road users.

  • Compliance and enforcement

    Queensland has implemented national Compliance and Enforcement reforms to achieve national heavy vehicle uniformity and positive changes to the behaviour of all parties involved in the heavy vehicle transport industry.

  • Heavy vehicle guidelines and class permits

    The Department of Transport and Main Roads has established guidelines to help road transport industry operators comply with the law.

  • Mass import management scheme

    Information on the Mass Import Management Scheme.

  • Stability safety technologies

    Heavy vehicle stability systems detect when a vehicle is approaching its handling limits. They then apply the brakes on individual wheels or axles to help the driver maintain control.

  • Performance based standards

    On 21 January 2013 the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) assumed responsibility for the administration of the Performance Based Standards (PBS) Scheme, approving PBS designs and vehicles on advice from the PBS Review Panel.

Last updated
10 February 2014