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About passenger transport driver authorisations

What is a driver authorisation?

A driver authorisation is a qualification you must have to operate a public passenger transport service.

You must also hold a current driver licence for the class of vehicle being driven.

Why do I need driver authorisation?

The Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994 requires all drivers of public passenger transport services in Queensland to hold driver authorisation.

To obtain driver authorisation, you'll need to meet certain requirements specified in the Act.

The purpose of driver authorisation is to ensure the driver is a suitable person to operate the vehicle, with regard to:

  • the safety of children and other vulnerable members of the community
  • the personal safety of the public, passengers, and their property
  • the act of driving and capability to safely operate the vehicle
  • the reputation of public passenger transport
  • conducting themselves responsibly with passengers and the public
  • being aware of their customer service responsibilities
  • being held accountable for complying with appropriate standards.

Are there different categories of driver authorisation?

Driver authorisation is issued to the driver for different categories of public passenger services.

Categories and definitions of driver authorisation:

Category of driver authorisationCode printed on Industry Authority CardDefinition
Taxi services TAXI or T A service provided by a taxi operating under a taxi service licence issued by the department.
Limousine services LIMO or L A service provided by a limousine operating under a limousine service licence issued by the department.
General services GENR or G Services including charter, tourist (general and off-road), accommodation transfer, tourist transfer, and non-specific public passenger services.
Scheduled services SCHE or S Services including general route and school services.
Motorcycle tour services TRMC or TM Tourist services provided in a motorcycle, motor tricycle or motorcycle and sidecar.
Community and Courtesy Any code above Services can be provided by a driver holding any of the above categories of driver authorisation.

More information

For further information concerning driver authorisations, click on the links below or contact your nearest passenger transport office.

Last updated
19 May 2016