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School transport

School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS)

The department administers the School Transport Assistance Scheme. This scheme is one of the largest assistance programs provided by the Queensland Government, and provides assistance to eligible students travelling to primary and secondary schools.

A brochure outlining the types of assistance available under STAS is available. Further information on School Transport Assistance Scheme is available.

School Transport Assistance Program for students with disabilities

Education Queensland provides transport assistance for students with disabilities where it is warranted by the needs of the individual student and by the circumstances of the family.

Details of the assistance available can be found through Education Queensland.

Guide for drivers of students with special needs

A guide for bus and taxi drivers of students with special needs —this booklet has been developed to assist drivers who transport students with special needs.

Non-government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme

Students attending non-state schools may be eligible for assistance under the Non Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme which is administered by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission. For further information refer to the Non Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme website* or phone 3336 9192a.

The Non-government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme include:

  • The Bus Fare Assistance Program, which assists families with the cost of transporting their children on an approved bus service to non-state schools outside Brisbane.
  • The Students with Disabilities Program.

Code of conduct for school students travelling on buses

The Code of Conduct is a set of behavioural guidelines for students to follow when travelling on school buses.

It was developed by the department in consultation with the Education Queensland, the Queensland Police Service, bus industry groups, parent groups, principals' associations, unions and non-state school authorities.

A copy of the Code of Conduct for School Students Travelling on Buses is available.

Managing student behaviour on buses

Coping with students' behaviour on school runs is not easy. In partnership with the Department of Education and the Training, and the bus industry of Queensland, we have developed a training package for bus drivers on managing student behaviour.

Further information on the managing student behaviour on buses package can be accessed on this site by navigating through the links on the left hand side of the screen.

School Bus Upgrade Scheme (SchoolBUS)

Funding is available to contracted school bus operators to replace buses under certain circumstances. Please refer to the relevant information statement for more information.

Contact a school transport office

For more information on the School Transport Assistance Scheme, the Code of Conduct for School Children Travelling on Buses or the School Bus Upgrade Scheme please refer to the contact information for school transport office locations.  

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aHigher rates apply from mobile phones and payphones. If calling outside of Queensland, STD rates will apply.

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27 November 2013