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Technical presentations

We have produced a series of technical presentations to highlight the innovative work undertaken in the delivery of an integrated and reliable transport network. The presentations showcase our employees – leaders in their fields and demonstrates their contribution to practical and affordable infrastructure design solutions.

Kath Johnston

Smarter congestion analytics

This technical presentation explores the exciting work TMR is doing in smarter congestion analytics. Using a ground-breaking methodology to determine the community costs associated with different causes of congestion, TMR has the opportunity to identify and prioritise future congestion management initiatives, evaluate current initiatives, and benchmark performance.

Kath Johnston has 15 years’ experience in the transport sector, and her work at TMR specialises in the increasingly complex area of traffic congestion – a high priority challenge for many cities. The cost and causes of congestion work presented in this video won a Distinguished Scientific Paper Award at the ITS Congress (Asia Pacific category).

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Ricky Cox

Speed choices with respect to design speed-simple yet often misunderstood

Ricky Cox, a road design specialist at TMR with 51 years expertise in the planning and design of roads, is an established authority in the research and development of road design standards.

Ricky has championed the development of multiple computer systems used in road design and also has extensive experience in their application. He has played a key role in formulating sections of TMR’s Road Planning and Design Manual, and has also had major input into new Austroads design guides.

Ricky’s approach to his work has seen him recognised for a number of awards and achievements, including an Australia Day Achievement Award in 1999, an Austroads Achievement Award in 2010 and a Public Service Medal in June 2011.

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Chris Russell and Mike Whitehead

The Design Storm – TMR’s approach to dealing with Queensland’s unpredictable weather through flood mitigation, drainage and road design

This technical presentation features Chris Russell and Mike Whitehead, leading experts within the department responsible for ensuring infrastructure designs adhere to the highest standards.

Road drainage is a fundamental consideration in every planning and design project. In light of the current floods and the unpredictability of the Queensland weather, this presentation highlights the importance of road drainage and the steps TMR takes to ensure it meets the immunity and accessibility expectations of the community, the protection of the investment made in road infrastructure, the safety of all road users and the protection of the environment.

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Noel Dwyer

Digital engineering: implementing BIM

This technical presentation explores the exciting work TMR is undertaking in the Digital Engineering project. By introducing Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies across the department’s major projects, TMR has the opportunity to capture better information, reduce design errors, improve productivity, enhance collaboration, and in the long term, make significant cost savings. TMR uses a variety of BIM technologies already, including 3D modelling and laser scanning, which will be exhibited in this presentation.

Noel Dwyer has been in TMR since 1990 and led the Main Roads component of the Drive Tourism Program, a joint initiative between Tourism Queensland, Main Roads and Arts Queensland that won the Public Sector Premier’s Award in 2004 for ‘growing Queensland’s economy.

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Damian Volker - pavement stabilisation

This technical presentation features Damian Volker, who was awarded the Young Stabiliser of the Year at AustStab’s 2015 Awards for Excellence.

Damian has played a major role in department’s agenda to maximise value on projects without compromising the quality of the end product. Based on his suggestions for additional research on a recent foam stabilisation project in the Darling Downs, extensive testing was performed in the our Herston laboratory, using specialist foam bitumen testing equipment. The work resulted in savings of approximately $1.5 million through reduced materials and increased productivity without compromising quality.

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Last updated
21 January 2020