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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Commercial roadside facilities (CRF)

What is a commercial roadside facility?

A commercial roadside facility is a facility that provides goods and services (such as fuel, food, beverages and rest facilities) to travellers, in a convenient location. Due to the facilities being in convenient locations, and providing the things drivers needs while on their journey, they encourage drivers to stop and take a break, which improves fatigue management and delivering better road safety outcomes across the state’s roads.

Traveston Commercial Roadside Facility

(Traveston Road Interchange, Bruce Highway)

The department sought offers through an Invitation to Offer (ITO) process, from parties with demonstrated experience in owning and operating commercial roadside facilities (CRFs) and driver rest areas (DRAs) to design and construct a CRF and DRA on an approximately 6-hectare parcel of land near the Bruce Highway and Traveston Road interchange.

The commercial roadside facility provides goods and services that encourage road users to break their journey and avoid driver fatigue. It will incorporate a driver rest area that is adequately separated from the road and provides facilities which encourage both light and heavy vehicle drivers to achieve effective rest.

Construction was completed in late 2020 with the facility commencing operation of the fuel forecourt, some food and beverage offerings and internal public amenities.


The department owns a vacant parcel of land at Murarrie, bounded by Lytton Road and the Port of Brisbane Motorway and within close proximity to the Gateway motorway.

The department has released the site to the market, for development of a commercial roadside facility (CRF) and associated driver rest area (DRA) which will provide goods and services to road users in a convenient location.

A key objective of releasing this opportunity is the potential to deliver facilities that provide drivers, particularly heavy vehicle drivers with mandatory rest obligations, a convenient location to break their journey and achieve effective rest.

The competitive tender process is looking for proponents with suitable experience delivering or operating similar facilities. The first stage Expression of Interest (EOI) process has been completed and shortlisted proponents have been invited to respond to a more detailed Invitation to Offer (ITO).

The successful proponent will be required to progress development in a timely manner and meet pre-agreed development milestones to deliver the facility as detailed in their proposal.

Last updated 06 June 2022