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Medical requirements for drivers of public passenger vehicles

To obtain a Queensland issued driver authorisation, an applicant must provide a current medical certificate issued for a commercial vehicle driver. To obtain the medical certificate the applicant must complete a Private and Commercial Vehicle Driver's Health Assessment (form F3195) and present it to their medical practitioner. The Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver (form F3712) is the approved form for the certificate.

A booklet titled Assessing Fitness to Drive for Commercial and Private Vehicle Drivers (published by Austroads) contains guidelines to assist medical practitioners determine a person's fitness to drive commercial vehicles. Visit the Austroads website to obtain a copy of the guidelines.

A medical certificate must be no more than 6 months old when presented and will remain current for up to 5 years from the date it was issued by the medical practitioner. However, a conditional medical certificate may be issued by the medical practitioner for a lesser period, especially if the driver suffers from a medical condition that requires more regular assessment. The term of the driver authorisation cannot exceed the expiry date of a medical certificate.

Once an authorised passenger transport driver turns 75 years of age, the driver is required to submit a medical certificate issued for a commercial vehicle driver to Transport and Main Roads on an annual basis. 

Driver authorisation holders may be required to submit a new medical certificate, if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the driver is not medically fit to operate a public passenger vehicle.

Last updated
16 March 2021