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Current and announced projects

The Department of Transport and Main Roads owns and maintains over 430 pieces of marine infrastructure valued at about $153 million. These include assets such as state boat harbours, boat ramps, jetties, pontoons, floating walkways, channels, and breakwaters/rock groynes.

The Queensland Government has committed to a $30 million 2-year extension of the Marine Infrastructure Fund (MIF) running from July 2018 to June 2020 to provide new and upgraded recreational boating facilities. Projects to be delivered under the MIF from July 2018 to June 2020 were announced by the Labour Government during the 2017 election campaign. The projects were identified through the 2017 Recreational Boating Facilities Demand Forecasting Study.

The MIF is the capital component of the Marine Infrastructure Investment Program (MIIP). The MIF and MIIP fund:

  • public recreational boating facilities for launching and retrieving recreational trailer boats
  • maintaining depths in state boat harbours and selected high-use channels to ensure access to the busiest recreational boating facilities
  • pontoons and jetties for deeper-draught vessels such as yachts and powerboats, for pick-up and set-down of passengers and supplies, and limited commercial use.
Location/facility State electorate Scope of works Funding source Status

Far North

Port Douglas boat harbour Cook Dredging to deepen and widen the entrance channel MIF Dredging works completed April 2018. The pipeline to remain in place for private marina dredging, scheduled for completion August 2018.
Rosehill dinghy harbour Cook Maintenance dredging MIIP  
Newell Beach Cook New 2-lane boat ramp MIF Hydrographic survey received. Planning has commenced.
Yorkeys Knob new boat ramp Barron River Single 6-lane boat ramp with 2 floating walkways MIF Concept plan posted to TMR website 15 July 2018 for community awareness and feedback
Cairns, Bluewater Marina boat ramp Barron River Installation of new floating walkway MIF Tenders to be invited in late-June/early-July 2018. Contract and construction to follow.
Bramston Beach, Joyce Creek Mulgrave Relocate boat ramp MIF Met with community groups May 2018 and received endorsement for concept plan. Design to be completed in June 2018.
Edmonton boat ramp Mulgrave Installation of new floating walkway MIF Planned completion early July.
Mourilyan Harbour boat ramp Hill Breakwater extension MIF Practical completion planned for June 2018. Attending to lighting as a separate issue to breakwater.
Mission Beach Clump Point Hill  Widen boat ramp, additional floating walkway, upgrade breakwater, new detached breakwater, jetty, pontoon  DSD GBRMPA public comment period closed 19 February 2018. Negotiations for final approvals continuing. Detailed design continued and tender documents refined May 2018. When GBRMPA approvals are granted, TMR will move to tender phase.
Green Island jetty upgrade Cairns Repair/replacement of sections of concrete deck and piles treatment/replacement of corroded reinforcement bars, repairs to abutment    MIIP Ports North continues with jetty repairs and maintenance. Due for completion late 2018.

North Queensland

Dungeness, Lucinda Hinchinbrook Grant funding to Hinchinbrook Shire Council for an additional walkway at Dungeness MIIP Design of floating walkway completed in May 2018. Materials to be fabricated in June 2018. Obtaining environmental permits/approvals is ongoing.
Plantation Creek boat ramp Burdekin Boat ramp maintenance MIIP Works in progress.

Mackay / Whitsunday

Half Tide Tug Harbour Mirani Grant funding to North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) for a floating walkway MIIP  

New walkway commissioned into use Thursday 14 June 2018.

Sarina Beach Mirani Feasibility study for new floating walkway MIIP Awaiting writing up of feasibility study. All inputs now held.
Molongle Creek Burdekin Entrance channel deepening MIIP Investigations continuing into land acquisition for dredge spoil disposal site.
Midge Point Whitsunday New boat ramp MIF Hydrographic survey has been requested. Planning to commence after survey received.
Cape Gloucester Whitsunday New or upgraded boat ramp MIF Community consultation in progress to assist TMR and Whitsunday Regional Council to determine location of facility.
Shute Harbour Whitsunday Improvements to boating facilities at Shute Harbour MIF Discussions with Whitsunday Regional Council in progress. Revised concept plan being prepared prior to signing deed of agreement
Grasstree Beach Mirani Upgraded boat ramp MIF Hydrographic survey has been received. Planning to commence after July 2018.


Banksia Road, Stanage Bay Mirani Upgrade existing boat ramp and install breakwater MIF Public information package closed 11 May 2018. Marine parks permit to be finalised in June 2018.
Port Alma Mirani Feasibility study to relocate and upgrade facility MIIP  Response letter to RRC Mayor on funding options in preparation.
Boyne River Gladstone Grant funding to Gladstone Ports Corporation to dredge entrance channel MIIP Dredging to continue through June 2018. Scheduled for completion September 2018, weather permitting.
Robert Clark Drive, Callaghan Park, North Rockhampton Rockhampton New 4-lane boat ramp and floating walkway MIF Construction of the ramp commenced May 2018. Practical completion scheduled for July 2018.
Coorooman Creek Keppel Feasibility study to determine if GPS waypoints can be defined to assist with navigating the entrance channel MIIP  Further survey and analysis in late 2018 needed for consideration of waypoint arrangement with Regional Harbour Master.
Thompson Point Keppel New 2-lane boat ramp plus floating walkway MIF Hydrographic survey has been received. Planning continuing.
Corbetts Landing Keppel New 2-lane boat ramp and floating walkway MIF Hydrographic survey has been requested. Planning to commence after survey received.

Wide Bay / Burnett

March Street, Maryborough Maryborough TMR and Fraser Coast Regional Council have negotiated replacement of the existing jetty with a new pontoon MIIP Joint project between council and TMR. Planning to continue.
Bullock Point Gympie New 3-lane boat ramp plus installation of new floating walkway MIF Completion of boat ramp and finalisation of carpark construction planned for late-June 2018.

North Coast

Dohles Rocks Road, Griffin Murrumba Installation of floating walkway MIF TMR officers met with council in April and May 2018 to discuss planning and parking options. TMR is proceeding with detailed design for the boat ramp and floating walkway.
Uhlmann Road, Burpengary East Bancroft Installation of new floating walkway MIF TMR officers met with council in April and May 2018 to discuss planning and parking options. TMR is proceeding with detailed design for the boat ramp and floating walkway.
Project scheduled to be completed by June 2019.


Manly Boat Harbour Lytton Public channel deepening and maintenance dredging MIF  Dredging commenced in June 2018.
Macleay Island Redlands Construction of a new boat ramp and floating walkway MIF Redland City Council (RCC) is managing the boat ramp project.   Construction continued through May 2018.
Lamb Island Redlands Feasibility study for new boat ramp MIIP  
William St, Cleveland Point Oodgeroo Extend breakwater MIIP Jointly funded breakwater extension project between Redland City Council and TMR. Works completion scheduled for late 2019.
Nudgee Beach Brisbane City Kedron Brook dredging at Brisbane Airport floodway entrance, Nudgee Beach MIIP Tenders invited in June 2018.
Cabbage Tree Creek Sandgate Upgrade the boat launching facility MIF Hydrographic survey has been requested. Planning to commence after survey received.

South Coast

Riedel Road, Carbrook Macalister New 2-lane boat ramp and floating walkway MIF Hydrographic survey has been requested. Site feasibility issues currently being investigated. Planning to commence after survey received. Site road access problems being investigated.

In assessing and prioritising projects for inclusion into the program, Transport and Main Roads considers the following:

  • community consultation – web-based (Transport and Main Roads)
  • the latest state-wide demand forecasting study incorporating:  
    • demographic forecasts 
    • boating catchment vessel registration analysis
    • community and agency consultation (led by project consultant)
  • maximising benefits for the boating public
  • state-wide equity considerations within the scope of available funding
  • submissions from councils and port authorities
  • agreement from land-side partners (councils and port authorities) who are willing to commit resources/funding, based on their budget priorities
  • site suitability including:  
    • land availability
    • detailed engineering feasibility
    • detailed environmental feasibility and constraints (eg marine parks, fish habitat areas, and other protected areas).

For more information on recreational boating infrastructure please visit the Recreational boating infrastructure page on the Maritime Safety Queensland website, or to comment, please email:

Last updated
20 June 2018