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About motorcycle safety

Photo of a person in a safety outfit and helmet, sitting on a motorbikeThe Queensland Government is committed to supporting motorcycling as an important part of the transport system and is working towards providing a safe riding environment.

Our aim is to make motorcycling a safe and enjoyable experience for those who choose to ride.

In return, motorcycle riders must also recognise their responsibilities – to ride sensibly and safely within the law, to be considerate of other road users and to set an example for others.

Motorcycling can be fun, economical and safe, but we have to recognise that motorcycle riders are amongst our most vulnerable road users.

In a crash motorcycle riders have less protection than drivers and have a greater chance of being killed or injured — motorcycle riders and their passengers are overrepresented in Queensland's road fatality statistics. You can become a safer rider by getting the necessary skills and understanding the road environment. You always need to be alert and defensive and accept that you are responsible for your safety on the road.

Whether you are new to riding, a regular rider or thinking of returning to ride, the Queensland Motorcycle Riders' Guide is a comprehensive one-stop reference handbook for all motorcycle riders. It covers a range of topics including licensing and registration, road rules, protective gear, safe riding techniques, how to cope with hazards, motorcycle maintenance, modifications, offences and current penalties.

Understanding the information in the guide, along with Your Keys to Driving in Queensland, will help you stay safe on the road.

Enjoy your riding, but above all, ride to survive.

Last updated
22 March 2022