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Engineering Consultants

Engagement and management documentation is provided for:

The Consultants for Engineering Projects manual addresses the specific requirements for consultants on engineering projects.
It includes the engineering consultant prequalification system. This system also allows for non-prequalified consultants.

The manual provides guidance on:

  • Prequalification of Engineering Consultants
  • Invitation Requirements (Prequalified and Non-Prequalified Consultants)
  • Offer Evaluation
  • Award Process
  • Contract Management
  • Performance Reporting

Manual Consultants for Engineering Projects: June 2021 

Amendment Register 

Consultant prequalification

Current prequalification status of consultants

Prequalification enquiries

Contact: Advisor (Prequalification) 
Phone: 07 3066 6569

Functional specification templates

Sustainability Appendices to Addendums C7521, C7522 and C7524:

Terms of Reference - Environmental

Offer and contract documents (when engaging prequalified consultants under the CFEP system)

Performance reporting forms

Standard management forms

Engineering Consultant Scheme

The Engineering Consultant Scheme PTD0003-14 is a Whole-of-Government arrangement for the provision of professional engineering services, in the disciplines of:

  • Transport infrastructure design and engineering – pavements, roads, highways, bridges, rail and marine
  • Transport/traffic planning, design and economic studies
  • Building design and engineering and economic studies
  • Geospatial and surveying
  • Geotechnical design and engineering
  • Hydraulic design and engineering
  • Environmental design and engineering
  • Project financial/commercial management, project management, project scheduling and related project administration
  • General and other technical engineering
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Last updated
23 July 2021