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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Consultants for Engineering Projects

Engagement and management documentation is provided for the department's Consultants for Engineering Projects.

The Consultants for Engineering Projects manual addresses the specific requirements for consultants on engineering projects.
It includes the engineering consultant prequalification system. This system also allows for non-prequalified consultants.

The manual provides guidance on:

  • Prequalification of Engineering Consultants
  • Invitation Requirements (Prequalified and Non-Prequalified Consultants)
  • Offer Evaluation
  • Award Process
  • Contract Management
  • Performance Reporting

Consultants for Engineering Projects Manual: January 2024 

Amendment Register 

Consultant prequalification

Current prequalification status of consultants 

Prequalification enquiries

Contact: Advisor (Prequalification) 
Phone: 07 3066 5683

Functional specification templates

Sustainability Appendices to Addendums C7521, C7522 and C7524:

Terms of Reference - Environmental and Cultural Heritage

Offer and contract documents (when engaging prequalified consultants under the CFEP system)

Performance reporting forms

Standard management forms

Last updated 10 June 2024