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Cost Benefit Analysis Manual and CBA6

The Transport and Main Roads Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) manual is a comprehensive practical reference tool for practitioners. With this manual, departmental staff, external stakeholders and consultants have access to a detailed description of the processes, tools and techniques involved in evaluating the merits of investing in transport and road projects. The Manual was launched by the department's Director-General in 2011. Typical projects include flood proofing roads, overtaking lanes, road widening, lane duplications, road diversion, bypasses, intersections, road realignments, bridge replacements and maintenance projects.

The CBA manual incorporates the current Austroads/NGTSM project evaluation methodology and also contains a user guide for the department's computerised cost-benefit analysis tool, CBA6. The key decision criteria used in evaluating a road project include the Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), Net Present Value (NPV) and First Year Rate of Return (FYRR). Ultimately, the CBA manual provides important technical information regarding economic evaluation for all departmental projects and provides guidance on cost benefit analysis in the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Please note that the CBA6 tool is for internal Transport and Main Roads use only and it is not available to outside parties.

Cost-benefit Analysis Manual

Individual sections of the manual follow (to expedite downloading):

Introduction and Contents

Theoretical Guide

User Guide 

Technical Guide   

Appendices, Glossary, References and Index  

Last updated
13 October 2020