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Roads in the wet tropics manual

The goal of this manual is to improve the performance and management of road corridors within the wet tropics region by using current information and the latest technology in such a way that takes into account the costs and benefits to the environment, community and economy. It assists in the implementation of best practice in the development and ongoing operation of roads in the wet tropics region of North Queensland.

  1. Table of Contents 
  2. Overview 
  3. Part A: Context of the region 
  4. Part B: Context of the roads 
  5. Part C: Road management process 
  6. Part D: Planning 
  7. Part E: Integrated design 
  8. Part F: Construction 
  9. Part G: Operation and maintenance 
  10. Appendices 
  11. Glossary and Bibliography
Last updated
30 July 2019