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TIPDS Volume 3: Prequalification System

Volume 3 provides guidance to infrastructure works principal contractors in terms of Transport and Main Roads prequalification requirements and the National Prequalification System.

Volume 3 also provides guidance to registered specialist suppliers in terms of the registration process.

View the current prequalification status of construction contractors.

Volume 3: Prequalification System 

National Prequalification System for Civil (Road and Bridge) Construction Contracts

The National Prequalification System (NPS) consolidates all the various jurisdiction-specific prequalification schemes previously in place to create a seamless, harmonised framework for applications, assessments and reviews.

The main objectives of the National Prequalification System are to:

  • enable Participating Authorities to assess the capabilities of contractors and identify those with the requisite technical, managerial and financial capacity to efficiently deliver road and bridge construction contracts in accordance with their specific requirements
  • minimise the contractual risks associated with constructing roads and structures
  • minimise the costs of the tendering process for both Participating Authorities and industry
  • promote best practice in the road and bridge construction industry
  • ensure robust, consistent, transparent and objective processes across all Participating Authorities

Documents associated with NPS

Documents associated with Volume 3 Appendix C: Asphalt Prequalification

For prequalification enquiries

Contact:  Senior Prequalification Officer
Phone: (07) 3066 2047 

Last updated
09 May 2022