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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Traffic engineering guidelines

The department provides technical information relating to road infrastructure and its operation, including reference documents for roads, bridges, traffic devices, signage and other facilities. The following traffic engineering documents are specifically for traffic engineering technology and systems, providing safer, simpler and smarter journeys using the latest in road operations technologies.

The Traffic engineering guidelines amendment register  records details of changes to these guidelines.

  • Event traffic management design guidelines provide guidance on traffic control measures and devices used to warn, instruct and guide road users in the negotiation of events on roads including footpaths, shared paths and bicycle paths adjacent to the roadway in a safe manner. It is applicable to traffic management for all types of events which cause interference or obstruction to the normal use of a road by any road user. It also provides guidance for the planning and design of traffic management arrangements with the aim of providing a safe traffic environment for event participants and spectators. 
  • Guideline - Traffic management at works on roads provides operational guidelines for the provision of temporary traffic management at works on roads. This Guideline is issued under the authority of Section 166 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 (Qld). The contents of the Guideline are issued as 'approved notices' under Section 166(2) of this Act.
  • Signing and line marking for heavy vehicle interception sites guideline provides direction on the installation of signs and line marking, including symbols, which are required to provide a safe environment for the interaction between passing vehicles, transport inspectors and occupants of any vehicles entering, parking, or leaving a heavy vehicle interception site (HVIS). It updates and replaces Technical Note TN115 Signing and Line Marking for Heavy Vehicle Interception Sites which has been withdrawn.
  • Support selection for roadside signs and other equipment guideline provides guidance on the selection of supports for roadside signs and other devices used beside the road. Transport and Main Roads has certified three types of support for use in Queensland and this guideline provides information to help determine the most appropriate and efficient sign support structure.
  • Tourist and service signs guideline helps applicants, government officers and Regional Tourist Organisations understand the application, assessment and administration process for tourist and service signs and provides guidance on how to design these signs. This guideline replaces Parts 6 and 7 of Volume 3 of the Traffic and Road Use Management (TRUM) manual.
Last updated 8 February 2023