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Transport Noise Management Code of Practice

The Noise Management Code of Practice provides guidance and instruction for the assessment and management of road traffic and construction noise.

Volume 1: Road traffic noise

Guides the direction for assessment, design and management of the impact of road traffic noise.

Volume 1: Road Traffic Noise

Volume 1: Road Traffic Noise - Appendices

Volume 2: Construction noise and vibration

Provides a framework for the identification and assessment of noise and vibration impacts from transport infrastructure construction.

Current Version (2016 Version)

The 'Transport Noise Management Code of Practice: Volume 2 - Construction Noise and Vibration' has been revised and gazetted under s318E of the Environmental Protection Act 1994. Compliance with the Code through an accepted Noise and Vibration Management Plan (NVMP) is a means of demonstrating compliance with the General Environmental Duty under the Environmental Protection Act.

The current version of the Code is dated March 2016 and was gazetted on 29 July 2016.

Link to the 2016 Code hosted at the Department of Environment and Science

Previous Version (2014 Version)

Where projects are operating under an approved Compliance Management Plan (CMP) under the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 they must use the previous version of the Code dated September 2014.

For access to the 2014 Code please contact

Volume 3: Operational railway noise and vibration

This volume is currently under development and until publication, please refer to the ‘Interim Guideline – Operational Railway Noise and Vibration’.

The interim guideline provides operational railway noise and vibration criteria and monitoring, modelling and assessment reporting requirements.

Interim Guideline - Operational Railway Noise and Vibration

Last updated
17 February 2022