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Western Queensland best practice guidelines

The Guidelines were designed specifically for Western Queensland's dry road building environment. They capture the knowledge of experienced people and build on past research efforts. A consistent approach is used in addressing the pavement issues. The framework of guidelines can be used as a reference to reduce the risk associated with design, construction, maintenance and operation of roads.

By Sections

  1. Guidelines 
  2. WQ30 – Climate of western Queensland
  3. WQ31 – Geology and geomorphology of western Queensland
  4. WQ32 – Soils of western Queensland 
  5. WQ33  Materials sources in western Queensland 
  6. WQ34 – Traffic of western Queensland (withdrawn) 
  7. WQ35 – Paving materials and type cross sections for roads on expansive soils in western Queensland 
  8. WQ36 – Sealing and surfacing guidelines for best practice in western Queensland (withdrawn)
  9. WQ37 – Drainage structures on expansive soils in western Queensland
  10. WQ43 – Erosion control in western Queensland
  11. WQ51 – Site rehabilitation and restoration
Last updated
30 July 2019