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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Guide to development in a transport environment: Busway

About the guide 

The Guide to development in a transport environment: busway (the Guide) provides important information for those involved in the planning, design or delivery of development in the vicinity of busways in Queensland.

The Guide is structured into 4 parts:

  • Part A provides the context for development in a busway environment.
  • Part B is relevant to development proposed on land adjacent to a busway corridor. It provides supporting information about the key issues which need to be addressed if proposing development near a busway corridor, including information to assist in preparing development applications consistent with the State Development Assessment Provisions.
  • Part C is relevant to development or works proposed within a busway corridor. It outlines the approvals, processes and technical requirements which must be satisfied to comply with legislation governing works in a busway corridor.
  • Part D provides supplementary information to support the Guide.

The Guide has been drafted to support the new State Development Assessment Provisions under the Planning Act 2016.

Early consultation with the department is strongly recommended to confirm how the information contained in the guide applies to a proposed development.

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Last updated 20 November 2020