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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Road landscape manual

This manual aims to facilitate the understanding of, and procedures associated with, the assessment, design and management of roads as they affect the Queensland landscape.

Full copy of the manual

Road landscape manual 

Manual available in parts


Road landscape manual: introduction  

Part A - Landscape principles, policy and design theory

Part A: Landscape principles, policy and design theory contents 
Chapter 1: Key principles 
Chapter 2: Road landscape policy 
Chapter 3: Asset management 
Chapter 4: Design theory

Part B - Landscape planning and design processes

Part B: Landscape planning and design processes contents 
Chapter 1: Community engagement 
Chapter 2: Landscape and urban design process and brief 
Chapter 3: Assessment and planning

Part C - Landscape design

Part C: Landscape design contents 
Chapter 1: Landscape planning concepts and design themes 
Chapter 2: Landscape treatments 
Chapter 3: Urban design 
Chapter 4: Aesthetics 
Chapter 5: Safety 
Chapter 6: Environment 
Chapter 7: Community 
Chapter 8: Economics

Part D - Landscape construction and operations

Part D: Landscape construction and operations contents 
Chapter 1: Construction and operations


Appendix 1: Road landscape policy - supporting framework 
Appendix 2: Visual assessment 
Appendix 3: Site analysis checklist 
Appendix 4: Vegetation setbacks and clearances 
Appendix 5: Road landscape and urban design guidelines

Glossary and references

Abbreviations Glossary and References  

Last updated 30 July 2019