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Cultural Heritage Policy and Manual

Our Indigenous and Historical Cultural Heritage Organisation Policy and Cultural Heritage Process Manual are designed closely around guidelines published by the Department of Seniors, Disability Services Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships and the Department of Environment and Science and provide internal direction on:  

  • our statutory obligations 
  • our engagement with First Nations peoples 
  • our roles and responsibilities 
  • managing projects by incorporating processes for Indigenous cultural heritage into project management 
  • entering agreements with Indigenous partners
  • processes to adopt for use in development projects.  

These directions are included in all steps of the delivery phases of our projects and cover all categories, including road, rail, marine and bus infrastructure projects.  

3 people digging in ground
Archaeological excavations by Traditional Owners from the Gold Coast Native Title Group on the Howard Creek Causeway Upgrade project. Approximately 10,000 artefacts were recovered during approximately 5 weeks of excavations, 2021
A scarred tree surrounded by a mesh fence
Aboriginal scarred tree on the Dalby Western Access Upgrade project. The tree was in close proximity to the project but works were re-designed to avoid impacting the tree following consultation with Traditional Owners. The tree has been integrated into a new pedestrian footpath area, 2018