Projects completed since July 2019

Capital projects are funded through the Marine Infrastructure Fund (MIF), which is the capital component of the Marine Infrastructure Investment Program (MIIP).

Area: Fitzroy

Location/facility: Banksia Road, Stanage
Queensland Government electorate: N/A
Scope of works: Upgrade existing boat ramp, install breakwater and floating walkway
Date completed: October 2019
Funding source: MIF

Strange Bay boating facilities 
Upgraded  boat ramp at Banksia Road, Stanage.
Area: Mackay/ Whitsunday

Location/facility: Dingo Beach, Cape Gloucester
Queensland Government electorate: Whitsunday
Scope of works: Upgraded boat ramp
Date completed: December 2019
Funding source: MIF

Dingo Beach boat ramp
Upgraded boat ramp at Dingo Beach, Cape Gloucester.

Location/facility: Bowen Boat Harbour breakwater expansion
Queensland Government electorate: Burdekin
Scope of works: Breakwater extended
Date completed: February 2020
Funding source: MIF

Bowen Boat Harbour  
Bowen Boat Harbour, Burdekin. 
Area: North Coast

Location/facility: Uhlmann Road, Burpengary East
Queensland Government electorate: Bancroft
Scope of works: Installation of new floating walkway
Date completed: October 2019
Funding source: MIF

completed jetty at Uhlmann Road
Finished floating walkway at Uhlmann Road, Burpengary East.

Location/facility: Dohles Rocks Road, Griffin
Queensland Government electorate: Murrumba
Scope of works: Installation of floating walkway 
Date completed: May 2020
Funding source: MIF

Dohles Rocks completed jetty
New floating walkway at Dohles Rocks Road, Griffin.
Area: Metro

Location/facility: William St, Cleveland Point
Queensland Government electorate: Oodgeroo
Scope of works: Extend breakwater
Date completed: January 2020
Funding source: MIPP

William Street breakwater extension
Finished extended breakwater project at William Street, Cleveland Point.