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Project stakeholders

Project stakeholders are individuals, groups, communities and organisations that are likely to be positively or negatively affected by or have an interest in a project’s outcomes or processes. Stakeholders external to the project team may also include people who are internal to the project customer’s organisation, as well as people outside that organisation.


Respond to approaches and proposals.

Note: Stakeholders who have nominated governance roles on the project, such as the customer, sponsor etc. already have a means of influencing the project. The main focus here is on stakeholders without influence over the internal workings of the project, who may exert influence over the acceptability of the project and its deliverables to end users and the community generally. The project team needs to identify such individuals and organisations and set up appropriate mechanisms to engage them, such as individual discussions, focus groups and stakeholder reference groups.


It is desirable that people representing group interests in a project:

  • actively participate in the groups/processes that may be established to ensure their views are fully understood by the project team
  • review and evaluate proposed project deliverables and options that may be presented to them
  • actively canvas opinions in the group they represent to provide a collective response, rather than just using the group to provide a platform for promoting their own individual view.
Last updated
24 August 2017