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Department of Transport and Main Roads

OnQ Project Management Framework

OnQ is the project management framework of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The aim of the framework is to ensure that the department has the project management capability to successfully deliver projects.

The framework consists of policies, principles, project governance, methodology, templates, tools and project support.

Benefits of project management

OnQ focuses on achieving results through managing opportunities, risks and making the best use of resources. It seeks to ensure that the outputs from each project will deliver outcomes that are consistent with departmental objectives and government policy.

The OnQ project management framework promotes:

  • communication between and with project stakeholders
  • planning the total project life-cycle before committing resources
  • an understanding of the bigger picture and the project's part in it
  • developing solutions that maximise stakeholder satisfaction
  • identification and management of opportunities and risks
  • improved reliability in estimating costs and benefits. 

The Project Initiation and Lifecycle Process shows the relationship between:

The OnQ project framework and this website are reviewed on an ongoing basis, incorporating organisational learnings and application of the latest practice with regard to project management.

This site is generic and makes no attempt to deal with the specific technical content of projects, programs, portfolio or business processes.

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Last updated 4 April 2024