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About passenger transport driver authorisations

What is driver authorisation?

A driver authorisation is an authorisation required by drivers of motor vehicles used to provide particular public passenger services.

The purpose of driver authorisation is to maximise public confidence in relation to the drivers of public passenger vehicles. This purpose includes ensuring drivers of public passenger vehicles are suitable persons, having regard to the safety of children and other vulnerable members of the community, the personal safety of passengers and their property, public safety and the reputation of public passenger transport.

Classes of driver authorisation

A driver must hold the class of driver authorisation that authorises the holder for the kind of public passenger service being provided.

Class of driver authorisation Driver authorisation code Services permitted
Booked Hire / Taxi (BHTX) BHTX

Holders of these classes are authorised to provide any public passenger service for which driver authorisation is required including those services provided under General driver authorisation. Required by drivers of taxi and booked hire services (including services provided under a limousine licence).

General (GENR) GENR
Holders of these classes are authorised to provide any public passenger service for which driver authorisation is required other than a booked hire or taxi service.
** The SCHE and TRMC codes are being phased out – existing holders will be moved to the GENR code at renewal.
Restricted RSTR Community or courtesy services but only for the operator who issued the restricted driver authorisation.
Community or courtesy services may also be provided under any class of driver authorisation.

For more information about each class of driver authorisation including application, fees and other requirements please refer to Information bulletins for drivers.

Evidence of driver authorisation

Driver authorisation holders are required to carry evidence of their driver authorisation at all times while driving a public passenger vehicle.

If an application for driver authorisation is approved, evidence will be sent to the applicant’s postal address within 21 days of the approval in the form of an:

Industry Authority card for Booked Hire/Taxi or General driver authorisation 
Authorised Driver - Booked Hire and Taxi display card - can be used as evidence by Booked Hire/Taxi driver authorisation holders.

An interim Industry Authority can also be used as evidence of driver authorisation while waiting for the Industry Authority card to arrive. Drivers must sign up for e-reminders to receive their interim industry authority. 

Checking currency and class of driver authorisation

The Driver Authorisation Public Register, previously known as the Passenger Transport Driver Authorisation System (PTDAS), is a free online service that allows the currency and classes of driver authorisation to be checked.

The register does not contain any personal information and only confirms the currency and classes of a driver authorisation number.

The currency of a driver authorisation can be checked on the Driver Authorisation Public Register.

More information

For further information concerning driver authorisations, click on the links below or contact your nearest passenger transport office.

Last updated 05 May 2023