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About passenger transport driver authorisations

What is driver authorisation?

A driver authorisation is a qualification required by drivers of motor vehicles used to provide a particular public passenger service.

The purpose of driver authorisation is to maximise public confidence in relation to the drivers of public passenger vehicles. This purpose includes ensuring drivers of public passenger vehicles are suitable persons, having regard to the safety of children and other vulnerable members of the community, the personal safety of passengers and their property, public safety and the reputation of public passenger transport.

Categories of driver authorisation

There are various categories of driver authorisation. A driver must hold the category applicable to the service being provided. A driver may hold more than 1 category.

The Queensland Government has announced reforms to the state’s personalised transport industry. The following table outlines the driver authorisation categories that will apply to new applicants from 5 September 2016 when these reforms commence.

Category of driver authorisation Required by drivers of-
Booked Hire / Taxi services Booked hire services, taxis and limousines
General Charter bus services, tourist services (other than motorcycle), accommodation transfer services, tourist transfer services, unscheduled long distance services and any service not falling under another category)
Scheduled services General route services and school services
Motorcycle tourist services Motorcycle tourist services

Community and courtesy transport services may be provided under any category of driver authorisation.

As part of the reforms to the personalised transport industry announced by the Queensland Government, the taxi (TAXI) and limousine (LIMO) categories of driver authorisation are being phased out. Holders of these categories will be issued Booked Hire / Taxi (BHTX) driver authorisation at their first renewal of driver authorisation after 1 November 2016.

Please note while the information bulletins attached below provide more information about each category, they are currently under review to incorporate the new reform changes.

Categories and definitions of driver authorisation

Category of driver authorisation Code printed on Industry Authority Card Definition
Booked Hire / Taxi TAXI or T
Services including taxi, limousine and booked hire services.
Limousine services LIMO or L A service provided by a limousine operating under a limousine service licence issued by the department.
General services GENR or G Services including charter, tourist (general and off-road), accommodation transfer, tourist transfer, and non-specific public passenger services.
Scheduled services SCHE or S Services including general route and school services.
Motorcycle tour services TRMC or TM Tourist services provided in a motorcycle, motor tricycle or motorcycle and sidecar.
Community and Courtesy Any code above Services can be provided by a driver holding any of the above categories of driver authorisation.

Checking currency of driver authorisation

The Passenger Transport Driver Authorisation System (PTDAS) is a free online service that enables the currency of a driver authorisation to be checked.

The PTDAS only confirms the currency of a driver authorisation and does not contain any personal driver information.

How to access PTDAS

The currency of a driver authorisation can be checked on the PTDAS website.

More information

For further information concerning driver authorisations, click on the links below or contact your nearest passenger transport office.

Last updated
17 January 2018