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Level crossing safety

There are over 1,400 public level crossing in Queensland. Level crossings are dangerous areas for both pedestrians and road vehicles. The Department of Transport and Main roads works to improve safety at level crossings across Queensland by installing and maintaining safety features. 

Some features include:

  • warning signs
  • flashing lights and or bells
  • boom gates
  • pedestrian crossing gates
  • stop and give way signs

Next time you're at a level crossing:

  • be aware of your surroundings, look and observe all safety signs, boom gates and lights. 
  • do not queue through the crossing. 
  • remember trains are travelling on a track and cannot swerve or move out of the way of objects. 
  • remember it can take up to 2km for a loaded freight train to stop in an emergency.

Queensland level Crossing Safety Strategy

In collaboration with other rail and road stakeholders we have developed the Queensland Level Crossing Safety Strategy 2012-2021 which has a long-term vision of zero harm at public level crossings across Queensland. The strategy targets a wide range of initiatives, including: 

  • promoting safe behaviour at rail level crossing
  • enhancing the visibility and audibility of trains
  • exploring new technology
  • improving rail level crossing infrastructure
  • undertaking research and development

Queensland Level Crossing Safety Strategy 2013-2014 annual report.

Queensland Level Crossing Safety Group

The safety group Group provides leadership and overall direction to achieve the objectives of the strategy. The group develops and action plan with key deliverables for each financial year and report to the Minister for Transport and Main Roads on the outcomes.

National Railway Level Crossing Strategy 

In 2016, the National Railway Level Crossing Strategy 2017-2020 was released. The aim of this document is to guide national coordination and practice on level crossing safety across jurisdictions. 

The strategy provides and overview of the purpose and background to the strategy and details the key focus area, actions, outcomes and measurement tools that will ultimately guide the work of the National Level Crossing Safety Committee. This document replaces the National Railway Level Crossing Safety Strategy 2010-2020 developed by the Australian Transport Council and builds upon the outcomes achieved through that strategy, taking a strategic focus to deliver substantial outcomes over the next three years. 

National Railway Level Crossing Committee

The committee is an inter-organisational and inter-jurisdictional forum that supports members to continuously improve safety and leverage organisational resources to minimise duplication of efforts at level crossings. The committee's role is to serve as a national authority on level crossing issues, provide guidance, and advice to member organisations to achieve a reduction in the likelihood of crashes and near hits at Australasian rail crossings.   

Last updated
20 December 2018