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Vehicle standards guidelines

The department, with industry groups and other government authorities, has developed guidelines that allow the operation of some vehicles that do not fully comply with vehicle standards without compromising safety.

Vehicles that have special uses (for example construction vehicles) often require special fittings or equipment specific to their functions that do not comply with the vehicle standards. These vehicles need an exemption to be used on Queensland roads as well as comply with specific conditions. 

Please note: The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is responsible for the vehicle standards, as well as exemptions, that apply to all in-service heavy vehicles (vehicles with a gross vehicle mass or aggregate trailer mass exceeding 4.5t). For more information about the heavy vehicle standards, including any exemption notices (formerly known in Queensland as Guidelines), please visit the NHVR website.

Transport and Main Roads will only be responsible for the vehicle standards that apply to light vehicles (vehicles with a gross vehicle mass or aggregate trailer mass not exceeding 4.5t).

Guidelines Form number
Guideline for conditionally registering a vehicle in Queensland

Conditional registration is registration for non-standard vehicles that do not comply with the standard regulations for registration and have a genuine need for limited access to the road network.

Guideline for Conditionally Registering a Vehicle in Queensland, form 17

For further information about conditional registration, visit the Conditional registration explained page.
Form 17
Revolving or flashing warning lamps on light vehicles

This guideline provides for flashing lights to be fitted to vehicles that are not covered under the Vehicle Standards regulation.

Guideline for revolving or flashing warning lamps in Queensland, form 22, version 7 (updated August 2018)
Form 22
Special use light trailers

This guideline provides for the use of trailers that are specially constructed to transport dragon boats, gliders and rowing skulls. The guideline also allows for the transportation of boats and yachts that are between 2.50 and 2.90m wide on trailers that comply with dimension requirements.

Guideline for over-dimensional light vehicle special use trailers carrying dragon boats, gliders, rowing sculls, yachts & transportation of over width boats from 2.50m wide up to 2.90m wide in Queensland, form 26, version 3.4
Form 26
Installation of non-standard tinting materials on light vehicles

Guidelines for the installation of non-standard tinting materials to motor vehicles in Queensland, form 29, version 4 (updated April 2018)

Note: An exemption for window tinting for vehicles with a gross vehicle mass exceeding 4,500kg has been issued by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and is available from the NHVR website.
Form 29
MA Category vehicles with 6-9 seats used as taxis in Queensland

Guideline for MA Category vehicles, with 6 – 9 seats for use as taxis in Queensland, form 32, version 2
Form 32 
Rally vehicle registration scheme

This guideline provides an authority to register and operate non-conforming rally vehicles that are sanctioned by Motorsport Australia for multi-stage rally competitions.

Guideline for the Queensland Rally Vehicle Registration Scheme, form 34, version 2 (updated April 2018)
Form 34
In-service light vehicles not fitted with identification plates

When first registering a light vehicle that does not have an identification (compliance) plate in Queensland, the owner of the vehicle must apply for a permit. This permit is valid for as long as the vehicle remains registered in that person’s name. If the vehicle was ever sold or the registration cancelled, the permit was cancelled and a new permit from Transport and Main Roads.

As part of the government’s commitment to reducing red tape, this guideline has been issued so that Transport and Main Roads now only needs to issue a permit to allow the vehicle to be registered. Once registered and in-service, this guideline will apply.

Guideline for in-service light vehicles not fitted with identification plates in Queensland, form 35, version 2 (updated April 2018)
Form 35
Guideline for the Safe Movement of Non-Complying Beach Trailers used by Surf Life Saving Queensland, version 2 (revised September 2017)

This guideline provides an exemption to allow Surf Life Saving Queensland to move unregistered, non-complying beach trailers between the clubhouse and the beach, and in emergency situations. This guideline is not published and is available to relevant parties by request.
Form 37 
Fitting of safety cages and harness type seatbelts in Motorsport Australia club rally vehicles

This guideline provides an exemption to allow a Motorsport Australia club rally vehicle to be fitted with harness type seatbelts and an approved safety cage for the purpose of participating Motorsport Australia club rally events. The exemption ceases to apply if either the driver or vehicle ceases to be Motorsport Australia approved.

Guideline for the fitting of safety cages and harness type seatbelts to Motorsport Australia club rally vehicles in Queensland, form 38, version 3 (updated August 2018)
Form 38
Guideline for over-dimension light trailers carrying harvester combs in Queensland

This guideline has been developed to replace the expired (30 June 2015) Comb Trailer Class Permit No. 172-TH-12. Originally, Class Permit No. 172-TH-12 was developed to allow over dimensional heavy and light comb trailer combinations to access the road network. However, with the establishment of NHVR approval for heavy and light vehicle comb trailer combinations have been separated. A Gazette Notice for heavy comb trailer combinations can be found on the NHVR website and for light comb trailer combinations this guideline will now apply.

Guideline for over-dimension light trailers carrying harvester combs in Queensland, form 39, version 1.3 (released July 2020)
Form 39
Guideline for Non-Standard Light Trailers

Including agricultural implements, trailers and drawn plant.

Guideline for Non-Standard Light Trailers including Agricultural Implements, Trailers and Drawn Plant, form 40, version 1.4 (updated July 2020)
Form 40 
Guideline for Pilot and Escort vehicles

Guideline for Pilot and Escort Operations in Queensland, form 41 (February 2019)
Form 41 
Last updated
28 April 2021