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Disability Action Plan 2018

The department's Disability Action Plan 2018–2022 outlines our continued commitment to improve accessibility for people with disability using the passenger transport system in Queensland. 

It focuses on the whole journey and actions are categorised into 3 journey elements including:

  • planning your journey
  • boarding
  • travelling on passenger transport.

A fourth, overarching element focuses on working with our partners and stakeholders to reduce barriers to accessibility of the passenger transport network.

The plan was developed following consultation with members of the TMR Accessibility Reference Group (which includes representatives from government, industry and disability advocacy groups).

The Disability Action Plan 2018-2022 is currently available in the following formats:

The department's previous Disability Action Plan—Improving access to 2017 expired on 31 December 2017. An end of term review has been undertaken and outcomes can be found here:

Last updated
20 November 2020