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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Easy to Read Complaints Policy

About this book

This book is about our complaints policy.

A complaint means you are not happy about something and tell us. We learn from your complaints to make our products and services better. This book says how our staff will act when they get your complaint. Our customers helped to make this book easy to read.

How to make a complaint

If you would like to make a complaint, you can:

What happens when you complain?

When you make a complaint we will:

  • listen
  • be fair
  • follow up
  • treat you with respect
  • tell you what will happen
  • try to fix the problem straight away.

What if my problem is not fixed within 15 working days?

If the complaint is difficult to fix we may take up to 45 working days to make a decision.

What if you are not happy with what we decide?

If you are not happy with what we do about your complaint you can ask us for a review.

A review means someone different will look at your complaint and make a decision.

Reviews can be done by:

  • our staff
  • the Queensland Ombudsman
  • the Queensland Human Rights Commission.

We want you to feel supported and listened to

You can have someone from outside the Department of Transport and Main Roads review your complaint.

Queensland Ombudsman

The Queensland Ombudsman helps you when you are not happy with what a business does after you complain.

Queensland Human Rights Commission

The Queensland Human Rights Commission helps you when you have a human rights complaint.

Complaints resources

View the:


Last updated 17 May 2024