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Vehicle requirements for a booked hire service licence

To apply for a booked hire service licence (BHSL), you will need to ensure your nominated vehicle on the licence meets the following requirements:

  • passenger vehicle (or utility with a maximum 4.5t gross vehicle mass) with no more than 12 seats including the driver
  • registered in Queensland with the appropriate purpose of use (POU)
  • have a current certificate of inspection (COI), unless exempt
  • have the correct compulsory third party (CTP) insurance class: 4, 26, 10A or 11.

Please note: Left hand drive vehicles and dual control vehicles (such as driver trainer vehicles) are prohibited from providing booked hire services and other public passenger services. 

COI, POU and CTP insurance

You will need a current COI, correct POU and correct CTP class for the vehicle nominated on your BHSL:

Licence type Vehicle ownership model Vehicle type * POU CTP*** Plates
Booked hire service licence Private or leased Passenger vehicle or utility vehicle** Booked hire, or
Public Passenger Service****
Class 26 Standard, customised or personalised
Minibus or omnibus with between 9 and 12 seats, including the driver Class 10A or 11
Rental or hire agreement Passenger car or utility vehicle** Booked hire rental Class 4
Minibus or omnibus with between 9 and 12 seats, including the driver Class 10A or 11

* All vehicles, other than limousines, must have no more than 12 seats, including the driver’s.
** Utility vehicles include single cab, dual cab and cab-chassis body shapes.
*** Vehicles may have CTP insurance for a class of motor vehicle that attracts a higher premium.
****A vehicle with a Public Passenger Service purpose of use requires a COI every 6 months and must have the current Operator Accreditation number securely fixed to it.

Changing CTP insurance

Applicants must select the correct class of CTP insurance for the service they are providing or the vehicle they are using. The following classes are the most common CTP classes for personalised transport vehicles:

  • Class 3 - taxis that are cars and station wagons.
  • Class 4 - rental vehicles with less than nine seats.
  • Class 10A or 11 - minibuses and omnibuses (nine or more seats).
  • Class 26
    • booked hire vehicles that are cars, station wagons and utilities
    • limousines that are cars and station wagons.

To upgrade to class 26, applicants will need to contact their CTP insurer to change their CTP insurance class. The insurer will provide a CTP ‘change of class’ letter and require payment of any additional premiums for the change. The letter must be submitted to TMR when applying for a booked hire service licence.

Applying for your BHSL over the counter Print your change of class letter/email
Applying for your BHSL online Save your ‘change of class’ letter/email as a PDF on your desktop (avoid saving the file in multiple folders)
Don't use any more than 25 characters for the file name

As part of this upgrade, you will also need to change your POU to ‘BKHR’ for ride booking vehicles, or ‘PPSE’ - Public Passenger Service. This change may involve additional registration fees if you’re upgrading from another POU, for example ‘private’. If you have a CTP class 4 (rental vehicles), you will need to select 'booked hire rental' as your POU.

Using someone else's vehicle

If you are not the registered operator of the vehicle, you must complete Form F5190 to obtain consent from the registered operator to apply for a BHSL. This form can be used for both online and in person applications.

Changing your vehicle details

You may need to change your vehicle details if:

  • You're selling your vehicle
  • Your vehicle is written off
  • You're replacing your number plates
  • You're buying a vehicle

To change your vehicle details, complete Form F2976 

You can check the status of your vehicle registration expiry date, POU, CTP and BHSL expiry date on the personalised transport public register.

Last updated
23 March 2020