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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Research and development

Queensland Roads technical journal outlines Transport and Main Roads' vision for research and development (R&D) as:

'An active and prioritised program of research and development that will maintain the department in its position as a good road agency and a good government agency that serves the needs of Queenslanders.'

Transport and Main Roads utilises a dedicated innovative workforce to implement its R&D vision.

Challenges faced by Transport and Main Roads as Queensland's population grows:

  • Providing the necessary road infrastructure within a funding-constrained environment.
  • Broadening of the transport task.
  • Varying transport needs.
  • Changing traffic flow patterns.
  • Spread of population.
  • Ageing population.
  • Increasing vehicle dimensions and weights.
  • Environmental impacts.

We are acknowledged as one of Australia's leading state road authorities. R&D is central to maintaining and enhancing our capabilities. Some of our internal and external R&D interests:

  • Transport and Main Roads is working with the fibre composite industry to develop structural engineering concepts for bridge construction and repair. Refer to Technical Note 54 Fibre Composite Projects for further information.
  • Austroads, the Association of Australian and New Zealand road transport and traffic authorities.
  • Technology is shaping how we build our roads and bridges. The article, Innovation in the Queensland Road and Bridge Industry shows how.
  • Australian Road Research Board, for road transport research information and knowledge sharing.
  • Collaborate with Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Constructive Innovation on national research, development and implementation centre. CRC focuses on the needs of the property, design, construction and facility management sectors.
  • Collaborate with Construction Industry Institute Australia (CIIA) is based at the Queensland University of Technology. The CIIA gives its members the opportunity to access world-wide, leading-edge research and implement outcomes before others.
  • Queensland Chief Scientist.
  • Queensland Rail.
  • Australian Universities.
  • Provides the technical Journal 'Queensland Roads' to share findings and lessons learnt.
Last updated 12 October 2022