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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Traffic control permit

Before a person submits an application for a Traffic Control permit, permission must be sought from the Department of Transport and Main Roads to occupy the state-controlled road (SCR).

Permission to occupy the SCR can be through the following pathways:

Please follow the inserted links above to understand the related processes for obtaining a permit or approval.

Once you have applied for and had permission granted to access the SCRs, applicants or their authorised representative are required to engage the services of a Traffic Management Company to perform any required lane closures and traffic control upon the roads nominated.

Traffic Management Companies working on SCRs must be registered under the Traffic Management Registration Scheme. A list of all currently registered Traffic Management Companies can be found on the Traffic Management Registration Scheme page.

A Traffic Control Permit is necessary to ensure:

  • that the work carried out or the conducted event can be performed safely with due care shown to both workers and all road users
  • protection of departmental assets
  • the times at which the task is to be performed is such that any lane closure causes minimal disruption to traffic flow
  • that all traffic control activities are to be carried out in accordance with the latest version of Queensland Temporary Traffic Management guidance.

When making an application for a Traffic control Permit, the 'Applicant' must:

  • be the Traffic Management Company performing the traffic control duties on site, or their authorised representative
  • give at least 10 business days for the processing of an application
  • include all documents and/or information required to complete the application, including, but not limited to:
    • Public Liability Insurance Certificate (Certificate of Currency of not less than $20,000,000 noting Transport and Main Roads as a named party or interest noted)
    • Deed of Indemnity (signed by an authorised representative from the Traffic Management Company, indemnifying Transport and Main Roads)
    • Traffic Management Registration Scheme certificate number
    • Traffic Management Plan (approved by an appropriate qualified individual)
    • Letter from the Traffic Management Company to the applicant advising that they (the 'Applicant') are the authorised representative of the Traffic Management Company for the purposes of the Traffic Control Permit application. This will enable Transport and Main Roads to deal directly with the applicant but recognise that the Permit will be issued to the Traffic Management Company.
    • Additional documents and supporting information as to the permission to occupy the SCR as outlined above including the Nominated Traffic Officer that is contactable 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

If approved, the Permit will be issued directly to the Traffic Management Company that will undertake the traffic management implementation and cannot be transferred or used by another entity without submitting another application. The Traffic Management Company must:

  • comply with the conditions of application and the permit and must not undertake any activities without the requisite permit
  • notify the local Department of Transport and Main Roads district / Traffic Management Centre:
    • on arrival at site prior to implementation of the Traffic Management Plan
    • immediately if there is any unexpected disruption to traffic or a traffic incident at or near the site
    • immediately prior to departure from the site after all traffic control devices are removed
  • provide a single point of contact (available 24/7) for the duration of the traffic control so Transport and Main Roads can reach them at any time
  • notify
    • the respective local government authority/ies where local roads are affected by traffic control
    • the respective public transport service authority of any lane or road closures or the need to relocate services such as a designated bus stop
    • where applicable, Queensland Police Service and Emergency Services.

How do I apply for a Traffic Control Permit?

Applications for a Traffic Control Permit can be made online through our self-managed, digital Customer Portal once the 'Applicant' has created an account. Permit can then be applied for and details easily updated online.

The Customer Portal is for the submission, processing and management of Traffic Control Permits, Road Corridor Permits and works agreements for access to the state-controlled road and corridor network.

If you are ready to get started, submit your application online through our Permit for Access to Road and Corridor Customer Portal.

Please click on the link below for a Traffic Control Indemnity form.

Links to the following General Access Reports provide the likely road access availability and will be useful when submitting an application: 

Should the Permit for Access to Road and Corridor Customer Portal not be available, please click on the link below to obtain the necessary form.

Last updated 22 January 2024