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Need to know

Trail caution

During the recent heavy rainfalls, the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail has suffered minor damage in parts.

Trail users are urged to ride with caution at:

  • Borallon

Trail users should be aware that trail conditions have changed and the impacts of the weather event are still visible. Please ride to the conditions, with caution and only travel during daylight hours.

For up-to-date information or to report any new hazards/damage, please contact the BVRT Ranger on 0467 729 409 or

Scheduled works

Cooragook Railway Bridge

Refurbishment works have commenced on the Cooragook Railway Bridge. Trail users are advised to take caution while travelling through this area. A detour is in place to direct users around the construction area, with clear signage on both entry and exit points on either side of the bridge. Trail users must take caution on the trail between Old Station Road and the bridge, as heavy vehicles may share this section of the trail. Refurbishment works are expected to be completed in mid-2024.

Black Snake Gully Railway Bridge

Refurbishment works will commence in mid-2024.

Code of conduct

The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is a shared use recreational trail suitable for walking, bike riding and horse riding only. Except for motorised wheelchairs, motor vehicles including motorbikes are not permitted on the trail. When using the trail, please respect other users, the natural environment, and the privacy of adjoining landowners. Please observe the following:

Bike riders

  • Keep left, where possible, and give way to walkers and horse riders.
  • Take care travelling around corners and blind spots and be prepared to stop.
  • To safely alert horse riders of your approach, slow down and speak to the rider in advance of your approach—please do not ring your bell. Be prepared to stop if you see a horse is agitated and/or the rider requests you to do so.
  • Alert other users when approaching from behind and pass at a reduced speed.


  • Keep left, where possible, and give way to horse riders.

Horse riders

  • We recommend horses be shod or wear boots.
  • We recommend young and/or inexperienced horses do not use the trail without previous exposure to bike riders and walkers.
  • Do not allow horses to remain in natural watercourses.

All trail users

  • Keep on the rail trail.
  • Leave gates as you find them.
  • Take your rubbish home with you.
  • Fires are prohibited on the trail.
  • Camp in designated areas only.
  • Clean your bike, shoes, equipment and/or horses' hooves before and after your trip to help stop the spread of weeds and plant diseases.
  • Avoid riding on soft, wet and muddy tracks.
  • Do not approach pets or livestock in adjacent properties. You may encounter livestock on the trail – please move quietly and with care.
  • Keep dogs on a leash and clean up after your dog.
  • Do not interfere with native plants or animals.

Safety information

The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is an adventure trail and all users should exercise caution and ride to their skill level and trail conditions. For your safety and comfort, please note the following:

  • Electric bicycles (e-bikes) are permitted on the trail however must have an electric motor(s) capable of generating no more than 200 watts of power in total, and the e-bike motor(s) is pedal-assist only. Pedalecs, or a bicycle with an electric motor capable of generating up to 250 watts of power, are also permitted but the motor must stop operating when a speed of 25km/h is reached and the pedals must be used to keep the motor operating. View further information on legal motorised vehicles.
  • Take care at road and waterway crossings along the trail—young and inexperienced riders should dismount.
  • Bike riders must wear an approved helmet.
  • Horse riders must ride in control of their horses. We strongly recommend horse riders wear a helmet.
  • Observe all signs and local regulations.
  • Be prepared for changes in weather and trail conditions; ensure you have adequate clothing, sunscreen and weather protection for colder and warmer months.
  • Carry adequate drinking water and food for your journey. You can buy more at local townships along the way.
  • Be aware of snakes and swooping magpies.
  • Carry bike repair, first-aid and snake bite kits in case of emergency.
  • If travelling by yourself, alert others of your whereabouts and carry a mobile phone. There are some mobile phone blackspots along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail so consider carrying a personal locator beacon in case of emergency.
  • Take care when using the trail in the later evening or at night where there is no lighting.
  • Before you leave, please be aware of any weather and bushfire warnings that may be in place while you are on the trail:

Safety markers are located every kilometre along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. In the event of an emergency, call 000 or 112 (from mobile services) and quote the marker location ID found on the safety marker (for example, BVRT-023).

For non-emergency situations, trail users can communicate their location to a third party by asking them to visit * and entering the marker location ID.

Please refer to the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail brochure map for the code of conduct and further information about the trail including maps, distances, location of public facilities and places of interest.


There are limited toilets along the trail with MacNamara's Camp, one of the only spots with a bathroom outside of each town. Be sure to make any toilet stops before starting your journey and use any public toilets in the towns you pass.

Seasonal info

  • In summer, we recommend you start your journey at sunrise and aim to finish the day by reaching your destination by 11am or 12pm to avoid the heat peak. The Northern section from Yarraman to Linville and Southern section from Coominya to Wulkuraka has appealing summer aspects. The journey from Yarraman to Linville is partially covered through many areas and has the beautiful downhill run to keep you relatively cool. Down the southern end, the trail starts to feel more like a forest run with tall trees lining large sections of the trail which provide a nice flat run, shade and cooler temperatures.
  • In winter, Linville through to Coominya has beautiful open farming landscapes that offer the warm sun the opportunity to shine down on you and keeping you warm.
  • If riding between August and October, look out for magpies. You can easily manage magpie swoops via deterrent methods as we displayed in our magpie deterrent video. Each year, we will try to find all the areas in which the Magpies are found to be swooping and place warning signs to let adventurers know where to be aware and ready for them.

Now that you have all the information you need to experience the thrill of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, it's time to book in everything you need before it books out! Don't forget that you can seek general advice from the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Ranger or one of the specialty providers that offer bike hire, shuttle services and tours. If you prefer to plan your own adventures, get started now and ensure you plan well in advance.

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