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The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail has a long list of things to see and do while you're on and around the trail. We have compiled some of the must-see attractions on the trail itself and some other key attractions that may interest you or your group while visiting this beautiful region. Whether you have one day in the area or several, you can design the perfect getaway either dedicated to your trail adventure or mixed with a visit to nearby regions. You can find many of these sites plotted on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Map.

Heritage-listed sites

Lockyer Creek Bridge

The Queensland heritage-listed Lockyer Creek Bridge * is situated between Lowood and Coominya. The bridge is considered significant due to its age; mixed material construction in timber and steel; high level of intactness and integrity, and low level of change from its original 1885 design; increasing rarity as a timber trestle bridge; value as a local landmark; and association with Colonial government engineer, Henry Charles Stanley. 

A bridge on tall wooden legs

Yimbun Tunnel

The heritage-listed Yimbun Tunnel is situated between Yimbun and Harlin and was built between 1909 and 1910. It was the only tunnel constructed along the entire Brisbane Valley branch line and remains a hidden treasure of the BVRT. Yimbun Tunnel is significant as a highly intact example of a concrete-lined railway tunnel constructed for Queensland's narrow-gauge railway lines.

Bicycle riders emerging from a tunnel, with 2 in the foreground smiling and waving to the camera

Bellevue Homestead

Sections of the Bellevue Homestead * date back to the 1840s with the building heritage-listed in 1920. It consists of the main house, which faces northeast and is encircled by verandahs, with a spine of kitchen, stores and servants' hall attached at right angles, forming a T-shaped plan. A caretaker's cottage is attached to the south corner forming a southern courtyard, and a row of stables and barn are located further to the southwest. The homestead illustrates in form, fabric and decoration the lifestyle of the turn-of-the-century Queensland squattocracy associated with early European settlement of the Brisbane River Valley. 

A black and white image of the Bellevue Homestead
Image credit © The State of Queensland

Historic sites

Lowood Railway Station

The first section of the railway line opened in 1884 connecting Wulkuraka (previously known as Brisbane Valley Junction) to Fernvale and Lowood. The Lowood station still stands today with an amazing run of railway tracks and an old signal tower also left in situ with a beautiful mountainous backdrop.

A building with several wooden pillars and a sign out front

Coominya Railway Station

The Coominya Railway Station originally named Bellevue Railway Station was designed as a siding on the new Lowood to Esk section that opened in 1886. The station was renamed to Coominya in 1905 as there was confusion with the closely named Bellevue Cattle Station. The station area remains in superb condition and contains a ganger shed, two old signal towers, and a murals collection.

Image of a building with a level crossing sign next to it

Esk Railway Station

The Lowood to Esk section was opened in 1886 delivering passengers to one of the most beautiful and historic towns along the BVRT. The old railway station is in impeccable condition and stands as one of the largest stations along the trail. The station, located in the attractive Pipeliner Park with the eye-catching Glen Esk mountain in the background, is the perfect setting for photos!

Image of a building with a wide concrete path running parallel

Toogoolawah Railway Station

Toogoolawah Railway Station is another well-maintained station built in 1904 when the railway from Ipswich was extended. The small building is now home to the Toogoolawah History Museum which is open Thursday to Saturday, 9:30am to 2:30pm. The museum provides a fantastic display of Toogoolawah's rich history.

A building with a sign that says Toogoolawah with a smaller sign that says Toogoolawah & District History Group

The Condensery Art Gallery

In the 1920's this beautifully renovated building was home to the Nestlé Condensed Milk Factory packing facility. The converted building is now a unique cultural precinct and visitor information centre. The condensed milk factory was built in c.1898 and was the village's lifeblood at the time. The packing shed is the only significant remains of the former Nestlé Condensed Milk Factory with some railway siding infrastructure and rail elements scattered across the site.

A red building with a sign "Somerset Regional Art Gallery - The Condensery"

Linville Station Precinct

One of the more outstanding railway stations on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, the Linville Railway station had a turntable, locomotive watering facilities, ganger sheds and trainmen's quarters. The station area opened in 1910, and the station remains in situ along with the shed and turntable if you look hard enough. The railway station still has several unique train carriages that stand today on the old railway tracks, and inside the station, you can see a broad range of historical railway artefacts.

A red building with a sign that says 'Linville'. Next to it is an old train

Moore Soldiers Memorial Hall

Erected in 1922 in memory of those who served in World War One, the Soldiers Memorial Hall is a community-run and owned hall. The hall hosts markets and meetings for locals and visitors and transforms into a supper room surrounded by an art gallery and collectibles. Local members also run a shabby chic emporium op shop filled with pre-loved items and stunning handmade jewellery. The hall opens on weekends only.

A building with a sign that says "Moore Soldiers Memorial Hall 1922" and bicycles out front

Roy Emerson Museum

Roy Emerson was one of Australia's greatest tennis players who made the international hall of fame after winning six Australian Open, two Wimbledon, two US Open, and two French Open titles. The museum is inside the old Nukku State School where Roy was educated in his primary years. The museum is home to Roy's life-size bronze statue and an extensive collection of photos and memorabilia. The museum details a long history of early schooling, farming, timber getting, and the railway building.

A statue of a tennis player in front of 2 buildings, surrounded by trees

Blackbutt Railway Station

The Blackbutt Railway Station connected to the Brisbane Valley railway line in 1911, and the original building stands as one of the smaller stations along the trail. Although small, the station is one of the most charming and rests among a beautiful garden setting thanks to the volunteers who work and maintain the Roy Emerson Museum that sits directly next to it.

Image of a building with a sign and bench marked 'Blackbutt'

Blackbutt War Memorial

Unveiled on 24 April 1920 *, this memorial has outstanding significance as a historical record of the local members who participated and sacrificed for WW1. The life-sized sandstone monument depicts an Australian Infantry soldier standing at ease and resting on a tree trunk support. The plaques around the memorial list 81 WW1 soldiers with a K scratched next to those killed.

A statue of a soldier standing on top of a pillar


The Workshops Rail Museum

All aboard! Enjoy a few hours at an interactive heritage and cultural experience located at Australia’s oldest railway workshops still in operation. Make history come alive with, multi-media encounters and colourful stories coupled with huge steam locomotives and massive industrial machinery.

Explore over 15 larger-than-life exhibits and discover beautifully restored carriages, the largest model railway of beautiful Queensland, the future of rail and treasured icons including the Beyer Garrett No. 1009 and Australia’s oldest working steam locomotive.

Located in Ipswich, the museum is a short ride along the Brassall Bikeway * which runs from Grace Street directly to the museum.

A young family looking at a train in a museum

Yarraman Heritage Museum

Once a Sisters of Mercy Convent built in 1945, the museum doubles as a visitor centre and holds an extensive range of historical buildings. Some of those buildings include the Yarraman Railway Station built in c. 1913, a slab hut built in c. 1921, an old farmers cottage from c. 1930 and many other historical memorabilia. Guided tours are available for more insight into the Heritage House complex, the craft shop, museum, community radio studio & wine cellar.

Several buildings, including a church and a sign that says "Brisbane Valley Rail Trail"

Surrounding activities

Horse trekking tours

Jump on a horse while you venture along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail if you want a unique story to tell all your friends! The trail is lucky to have horse riding tour operators located along the BVRT * who can cater for day trips or overnight treks.

An adult on horseback leading several children on horseback 

Somerset Dam

Somerset has one of the greatest water sports areas in Queensland with all kinds of accommodation and camping lining the dam's edge. Whether you simply love the outdoors, swimming, kayaking, fishing or camping, the calm flat waters also offer pristine conditions for water skiing and world-class Bass fishing.

2 people canoeing on the water

Wildlife and Farming adventures

The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is spoiled with some incredible countryside attractions related to wildlife and farming. The area is blessed with Llama farms where people can pet llamas, alpacas, camels and even donkeys. Add in olive and lime farms for those who like to taste test food direct from the farm and Koala sanctuary's with bush walking and animal petting.

A person feeding alpacas


  • Yarraman Markets provide food, bric-a-brac and woodwork. Markets are held on the corner of the New England and D’Aguilar Highways, on the second Saturday of each month from 7am to 12pm.
  • Moore Hall Markets offer an array of artisan wares and made goods. Markets are held every third Saturday of each month between 6:30am and 12pm.
  • Esk Country Markets are the local farmers market held on Saturday mornings from 7am to 12pm in Pipeliner Park.
  • Fernvale Country Markets provide local food and made goods at Fernvale State School every Sunday between 6am and 12pm.
People browsing at a market

Other trails to explore

  • Wivenhoe Hill provides a 12.2km and 21.9km trail that offers a great scenic hike with lots of wildlife and lake views. This trail is regarded an easy-moderate loop trail.
  • The Brisbane River Canoe Trail is a sensational 56km waterway that calmly lies between Wivenhoe and Kholo. Songbirds, Pelicans, Cormorants and Lungfish are highly active along the Weeping Bottle Brush lined river. The trail is not sign posted but launch points are easily found at visitor centres or on the Experience Somerset website *.
A line of bicycle riders riding across a plain

Now that you know the sections you want to travel and fun things you want to do, it's time to organise your accommodation, food and beverage or bike hire, shuttle services and tours from specialty providers. If you prefer to plan your own adventures, get started now before the best things book out.

Plan your trip now!

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