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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Grants and subsidies

You or your organisation may be eligible to apply for a Transport and Main Roads grant or subsidy.

Current grants

  • Community road safety grants

    The Community Road Safety Grants provide an opportunity for community organisations to support local road safety initiatives that drive a change in behaviours and attitudes to road safety in local communities.

    The main objective of the grants is to support Queensland communities with the development and delivery of effective road safety education and awareness initiatives.

    Find out more about the Community Road Safety Grants

  • School Bus Upgrade Scheme

    This grant helps accelerate the introduction of rollover–compliant buses into the Queensland school bus fleet. It is for school bus operators contracted to the Department of Transport and Main Roads. This assists with the purchase of new buses or buses that are up to 10 years old.

For information on other available grants, visit the Queensland Government grants website.

Current subsidies

  • School Transport Assistance Scheme
    The School Transport Assistance Scheme helps students travel to and from school when access to education facilities is impeded by distance, disability or financial disadvantage. The scheme also helps students from areas designated as drought-declared. Eligible families receive assistance with rail transport, kilometre-based school services (bus or ferry), fares-based school services (bus or ferry), conveyance allowance and safety-net assistance.
Last updated 02 July 2020