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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Invasive plant and animal management

The department holds a General Biosecurity Obligation (GBO) under the Biosecurity Act 2014 which mandates the prevention or minimisation of biosecurity risks on lands under its control. 

These lands include: 

  • state-controlled road network
  • borrow pits and quarries
  • depots
  • other properties, including vacant land parcels.

Invasive plant and animal management poses an ongoing challenge for the department, as well as for all land managers. Our primary goal is to meet legislative requirements while effectively balancing stakeholder expectations and financial constraints. To achieve this, we collaborate with local government and other stakeholders in developing our priorities and treatment programs. This collaborative approach ensures that our programs deliver value and are highly effective. 

Contractors responsible for delivering transport infrastructure or maintenance work for the department must also comply with their GBO. They are required to implement controls to prevent the spread of invasive plants and animals during their activities.

Effective control of invasive plant and animals brings significant benefits to Queensland, as failure to manage the problem adequately can result in serious economic, environmental, and social impacts. Our biosecurity activities fully comply with the requirements of Queensland legislation and government policy.

Treatment of Prickly Acacia.

Treatment of Prickly Acacia in North West District (above)

Further information on pest management is available from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Last updated 7 August 2023