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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Payment options for transport and motoring services

When you need to make a payment, your notice or invoice will list the different ways you can pay. The payment methods you can use will depend on the transaction and whether you do it online, in person or by mail.

Some police stations, QGAP and mobile customer service centres may not have all payment options available. Check the location finder for more information.

Pay by card

Visa and MasterCard credit cards and debit cards can be used for online services and in-person transactions.

American Express cards can be used for online services except for direct debit registration payments. American Express cards can't be used to make in-person payments.

Other cards without Visa, MasterCard or American Express branding, such as an EFTPOS-only card or a BasicsCard, can be used for in-person transactions.

Card surcharge

When you pay with a credit or debit card that has Visa, MasterCard or American Express branding, a surcharge will be added to the total. The surcharge covers the fee that we are charged by banks for accepting card payments. Adding a surcharge to these transactions means that we don't need to raise costs across all payment types to cover these fees.

These fees are also passed onto customers by agencies in other states.

The surcharge amounts are:

  • 0.58% for Visa and MasterCard branded cards (either a credit or debit card)
  • 1.40% for American Express branded cards.

Sample surcharge rates for different payment amounts:

Example payment
surcharge @ 0.58%
American Express
surcharge @ 1.40%
$300 $1.74 $4.20
$400 $2.32 $5.60
$500 $2.90 $7.00
$600 $3.48 $8.40
$700 $4.06 $9.80
$800 $4.64 $11.20
$900 $5.22 $12.60
$1000 $5.80 $14.00

Pay by BPAY

You can make a payment from your cheque or savings account using BPAY to renew your registration, pay a fine or pay an invoice. If a service is eligible for BPAY, payment details will be listed on the notice.;

If you make a payment through BPAY, there won't be a surcharge.

BPAY payments are not instant and may take a few days to process—this means that BPAY can't be used for all services. Some transactions require you to answer questions and make a declaration when a payment is made.

For example, you can't pay for a licence renewal by BPAY because you answer questions about your medical history when you renew your driver licence—your circumstances may change in the time between when you make your declaration and when the bank finalises the BPAY payment.

Pay cash

You can use cash for in-person transactions at most transport and motoring service centres.

Pay by cheque or money order

You can pay with a cheque or money order in person or by mail if it has been:

  • issued in Australia, in Australian dollars, for the correct payment amount
  • dated with today's date or a date in the last 12 months
  • made out to The Department of Transport and Main Roads and not to another person or organisation.
Money orders must be either:
  • purchased from a physical Australia Post office
  • purchased online then printed by Australia Post.

Saturday payments

Some locations offer Saturday driving tests and only accept card payments on the day.

If you take a driving test on a Saturday and want to pay by cash or cheque to upgrade your licence or book another test, you can visit the centre during the week to make your payment.

Last updated 29 February 2024