Fast facts

Total investment

$29.7 billion

Total investment through QTRIP 2022-23 to 2025-26


Jobs supported over the life of program

Investment by entity

$26.2 billion

Transport and Main Roads

$3.5 billion

Queensland Rail

$38 million

Gold Coast Waterways Authority

Investment by funding source

$18.1 billion

Queensland Government/other funding


$11.6 billion

Australian Government

Investment by mode

(See key terms for definition of Mode)

$21.433 billion

Investment in roads

$7.154 billion

Investment in railways

$185.3 million

Investment in maritime

$656 million

Investment in bus infrastructure

$268.8 million

Investment in active transport

$61.4 million

Investment in multimodal and other infrastructure

Around the state

(The following excludes statewide investments)

South Coast

$5.194 billion

Investment South Coast


$3.858 billion

Investment in Metropolitan

North Coast

$3.079 billion

Investment in North Coast

Wide Bay Burnett

$1.562 billion

Investment in Wide Bay Burnett

Darling Downs

$785.5 million

Investment in Darling Downs

South West

$302.8 million

Investment in South West


$1.525 billion

Investment in Fitzroy

Central West

$425.9 million

Investment in Central West

Mackay Whitsunday

$1.008 billion

Investment in Mackay Whitsunday


$1.069 billion

Investment in Northern

North West

$489.9 million

Investment in North West

Far North

$1.599 billion

Investment in Far North

Reflects QTRIP 2022–23 to 2025–26.