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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Notification of a driver offence for organisations

We can now send organisations a Driver Offence Notification to let them know when an employee or someone else commits an offence in their vehicle and is stopped at the roadside by police or a transport inspector. 

The notifications are sent to organisations by email as a courtesy to provide greater awareness of the unsafe driving behaviours of their employees and others and to support their chain of responsibility obligations.

Find out more about the Driver Offence Notification service, including the types of offences that will result in a notification.

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How to register your email to receive notifications

Organisations with a current Australian Company Number (ACN) and a Queensland business address, can register an email address online to receive driver offence notifications.

Once an authorised representative of an organisation has registered an email address with us they will start receiving driver offence notifications by email.

If your organisation can’t register online, the authorised representative of the organisation can email a request to us to be processed. 

How to stop receiving notifications

An authorised representative of the organisation can email a request to opt-out of receiving notifications. 

Authorised representatives

The representative must be a Manager, Director, Secretary or another type of officer authorised by the organisation to act on its behalf.

Email requests

Email your request to, and include the following 3 pieces of information:

1. The authorised representative's details:

  • full name
  • job title
  • contact phone number

The authorised representative must declare that they have authority to represent the organisation. 

2. The organisation's details:

  • organisation name
  • business or postal address
  • customer reference number 
  • current Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN) 

Details must be provided exactly as they appear on Transport and Main Roads documentation.

3. The action you would like us to take:

  • Add or update your organisation's email address (provide the email you would like us to register)
  • Stop receiving driver offence notifications

Please note: By sending us an organisation’s email address the authorised person confirms that they have read and agree to our privacy statement

Help with notifications

If the vehicle description is incorrect

If the vehicle description in the notification is incorrect and doesn’t match the registration details, contact the Queensland Police Service for further investigation.

If the vehicle is no longer registered to you

If you have received a notification for a vehicle that you had sold or disposed of at the time of the offence, please ensure that the registration transfer has been completed (or that the registration has been cancelled, as needed).

Please note: There can be a delay in notifications being sent, as they are only issued once a fine is finalised.

Resources to help start a road safety conversation

Everyone has a role and responsibility to ensure road safety. Organisations can influence safe driving behaviour in their vehicles. 

To help start a road safety conversation with an employee or other person using an organisation's vehicle unsafely, information about the road rules, including a road rules refresher test, is available. More road safety tips, tools and useful resources, are available at StreetSmarts.  

Information specific to heavy vehicles, including heavy vehicle road rules, safety accreditation and compliance and the Heavy Vehicle National Law and Regulations is also available.

Be a champion for zero deaths on Queensland roads

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Start a safe driving conversation

Last updated 29 May 2024