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School zones

Standardised school zone times

School zone times have been standardised in Queensland to help motorists remember when to slow down.

The standard operating times for most school zones* in Queensland is 7–9am and 2–4pm.

Due to regional circumstances, some councils have been granted slightly different operating times that apply to all school zones* in their council area.

Councils that don't have standardardised school zone times

The councils in the table below have schools zones that are different from the standard 7–9am and 2–4pm.

Central West Region Time
Barcaldine Regional Council 7.30–9am and 2.30–4pm
Far North Region Time
Weipa Town Council 7.30–9am and 2–4pm
Fitzroy Region Time
Banana Shire Council 7.30–9am and 2.30–4pm
Gladstone Regional Council 7.30–9am and 2.30–4pm
Rockhampton Regional Council 7.30–9am and 2.30–4pm
Mackay/Whitsunday Region Time
Mackay Regional Council 8–9am and 2.30–3.30pm
Whitsunday Regional Council 8–9am and 2.30–3.30pm
Northern Region Time
Burdekin Shire Council 8–9am and 2.30–3.30pm
Hinchinbrook Shire Council 8–9am and 2.30–3.30pm
Townsville City Council 8–9am and 2.30–3.30pm
North West Region Time
Carpentaria Shire Council 7.30–9am and 2–4pm
Mount Isa City Council 7.30–9am and 2–4pm
Wide Bay/Burnett Region Time
Bundaberg Regional Council 7.30–9am and 2.30–4pm
Gympie Regional Council 7.30–9.30am and 2–4pm
North Burnett Regional Council 7.30–9.30am and 2.30–4pm
South Burnett Regional Council 8–9.30am and 2.30–4pm

*There are a small number of school zones that operate outside the standard hours for their council area (such as all-day school zones). Please note that school zone signs in regional Queensland are still being updated, so any existing signed times still apply and will be enforced by police.

Exemptions to the school zone operating times may be granted to a school if the standardised times do not suit when children arrive and depart each day. The relevant road authority will assist the school in understanding the circumstances that may be considered for an extension of school zone times and how to apply.

All-day school zones

Most all-day school zones operate between 7am–4pm and have been installed at some split-campus schools to help protect children who cross the road during the day to travel to classes.

In regional areas, all-day school zones may operate at different times to match up with the standardised times for that council (e.g. Gympie Regional Council has an all-day school zone that operates from 7.30am–4pm).

All-day school zones will be installed at more split-campus schools in Queensland during the 2012/13 financial year.

Road safety managers

Region Manager Phone Postal address
Northern Rachel Coulson 4421 8731 PO Box 7466, Garbutt Qld 4825
Central Colin Edmonston 4931 1651 PO Box 5096, Red Hill Rockhampton Qld 4701
SEQ North Stuart Gardner 3866 3112 PO Box 869, Nundah Qld 4012
SEQ South Sandra Poulton 3813 8666 PO Box 631, Ipswich Qld 4305
Southern Wayne Crofts 4194 4711 PO Box 204, Warwick Qld 4370
Last updated
24 August 2017