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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Park 'n' Ride Strategy

Park ‘n’ ride facilities play an important role in South East Queensland’s (SEQ) public transport system. They connect a diverse range of customers to public transport, can help reduce traffic congestion and improve access for those with mobility difficulties. 

Park ‘n’ ride is one element of a complex transport system designed to facilitate access to major stations. This system also includes local buses, taxis, rideshare, walking and cycling. Emerging transport options, such as Personal Mobility Devices and ‘Mobility as a Service’ providers may over time influence the role park ‘n’ ride plays in enabling people to access transport networks. 

The Park ‘n’ Ride Strategy provides direction to the ongoing development of SEQ’s park ‘n’ ride network as part of the regional transport system and our transport future.

Last updated 02 November 2020