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Department of Transport and Main Roads

What happens when the waters subside?

Water affects roads in different ways.

In some cases the impacts are not visible until the road dries out completely and traffic uses the road over time. The soil and clay underneath and beside the road may be boggy and take a long time to dry.

Culverts and drainage systems under the road may be clogged with debris or may have structural damage.

The type of damage may impact the load a road can take and heavy mass vehicles may not be able to use some roads until they are repaired.

  • Once the waters subside,¬†the department¬†inspects the roads before planning and undertaking repairs.
  • Engineering and technical staff will assess the damaged roads, culverts, drainage systems, bridges and roadside furniture (signage, lighting, guardrails), prioritise the works and begin the repairs.
  • If not available locally, resources such as dry gravel will be sourced from across Queensland for the repairs.
  • Communities, business and industry will be kept informed about what is happening.
Last updated 24 August 2017