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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Report a smoky vehicle

If you see a vehicle blowing smoke continuously for 10 seconds, you can submit a smoky vehicle report form.

You will need to report the vehicle's make, model, colour and registration, and the time, date and location of the sighting.

You can only report vehicles with Queensland number plates and exhausts that smoke continuously for 10 seconds or more.

What happens once you report the smoky vehicle?

The reported registration number is compared with the reported description to make sure they match. If they do, a letter is sent to the owner explaining that the vehicle has been reported and suggesting ways to fix the problem. If the vehicle is reported 3 times within 4 months of the first sighting, the owner is issued with a Present Vehicle Order for the vehicle to be checked for defects by a transport inspector.

Usually, a simple service is all it takes to fix the problem. More than 80% of people report they fix their vehicles as soon as they receive the first letter. Owners have 1 month to fix the fault and return a form explaining what has been done.

Last updated 04 October 2018