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Fauna management

The conservation and protection of native fauna, including threatened and endangered species, is important to the department. Road corridors and reserves are maintained to support unique flora and fauna species. Many state-controlled road reserves have been identified by the Department of Environment and Resource Management as wildlife corridors. Others contain important habitats for endangered fauna. The department assesses the impact of all projects on fauna corridors, fauna habitat and the potential for road kills. The department designs fauna mitigation measures for all projects, according to the level of risk to species and populations.

This can be done, in most cases, by:

  • reducing clearing
  • revegetating or restoring habitat of fauna corridors
  • preserving hollow trees translocating fauna hollows or installing manufactured tree hollows nest boxes within the road reserve
  • installing fauna–sensitive road design principles
  • installing fauna exclusion fencing
  • installing significant environmental area signage and other fauna signage.

The department researches and documents the impact of roads on fauna, through:

Case study

The southern cassowary is an endangered species. The upgrade of roads in the Mission Beach area of north Queensland caused community concern about the impact on the species.

About 40 cassowaries have been killed on Mission Beach roads since 1989 and 59 adult cassowaries are estimated to remain.

Risk-reduction strategies have been designed, including warning signs, speed reductions and rumble strips.

Fauna management gallery

 Cassowary crossing sign
Warning signs to alert drivers of the cassowary.

 Koala warning signs
Koala warning signs to alert drivers.

 Fauna underpass
Fauna underpass.

 Hollows in mature trees
Hollows in mature trees provide shelter and nests for fauna.

 Bridge designed to allow fauna movement
Bridge designed to allow fauna movement.

 Culvert designed for fauna to pass
Culvert designed for fauna to pass through.

 Gateway motorway abutment
Vegetation remains around bridge abutments and therefore fauna habitat linkage remains.

Moreton Bay Rail Project—Koala Management Program Report

Final report

Last updated
19 March 2018