Bruce Highway—Cooroy to Curra Section D: Woondum to Curra

The $1 billion Section D: Woondum to Curra (C2CD) project is a new 26km, 4-lane divided highway between the existing Bruce Highway interchange at Woondum, south of Gympie and Curra.

Since the completion of the detailed design in early 2018, we have been undertaking several activities in readiness for construction of the Coory to Curra (C2CD) project. This includes the removal of structures that are in the new road corridor and early works to relocate services such as power and phone lines.

Visualisation video of final design


  • Increases traffic flow
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves safety
  • Improves flood immunity
  • Reduces travel time

Key features

  • Improve traffic flow, as the upgrade will avoid 53 intersections (including 9-signalised intersections) and 106 property accesses which contribute to current safety and congestion issues on the existing the Bruce Highway
  • Improve safety and capacity through the separation of long-distance traffic from local traffic. This will reduce traffic volumes on the highway travelling through Gympie, with approximately 50% less heavy vehicles
  • Greatly reduce head-on crashes by providing a divided 4-lane highway
  • significantly improve flood immunity compared with the old highway, which has traditionally experienced frequent closures in the Gympie CBD and north and south of Gympie due to flooding
  • Improve travel times by having the new highway posted at 110km/h (current highway is 80km/h and 60km/h through Gympie).


Total investment
$1 billion
Australian Government
$800 million
Queensland Government
$200 million

Current status


C2CD will be delivered in 2 major construction contracts:
  • Contract 1: Woondum interchange to Sandy Creek Road
  • Contract 2: Sandy Creek Road to Curra

Contract 1 was awarded to an Australian owned, Queensland based joint venture between Bielby Holdings and BMD.

The Bielby BMD Joint Venture will begin mobilising their equipment over the coming months with construction work to begin soon after. It is anticipated that Contract 2 will be awarded in January 2021. Both contracts will be completed, and the highway opened as one project in mid-2024, weather permitting.

Any employment enquiries can be directed to the successful contractors.

 Industry Register

The local Industry Register is an initiative to encourage local business participation in the project.

Gympie region businesses such as sub-contractors, equipment and plant hire, service providers, accommodation and catering providers and labour-hire are encouraged to register their interest on the project website.

The Industry Register has been provided to shortlisted construction contractors, so they have details of interested local businesses and service providers. The register will continue to be updated over the next 12 months and provided to the 2 successful contractors.


Project updates

Cooroy to Curra Section D map

Project update: December 2019

New Penny Road interchange

Traffic movement analysis and consultation with key stakeholders led to modifications to the proposed connections at Penny Road. The project now includes an all movements interchange instead of only north-facing ramps as previously identified in the preliminary design in the Bruce Highway – Cooroy to Curra Strategic Planning Study: Recommended Corridor Report. The new improved interchange will cater for locals and industry, enabling heavy vehicles to access commercial and industrial aread east and west of the new highway.

Penny interchange

New Gympie interchange

An all movements interchange will be constructed at Gympie Connection Road to cater for commuters travelling to Gympie or the Cooloola Coast from the new highway. Traffic signals will be located at each exit ramp and entry ramp intersection with Gympie Connection Road to manage safe flow of traffic between the new highway and the local road network.

Gympie Interchange

New Curra interchange

An all movements interchange will be constructed just north of Curra to connect the new 4-lane highway with the existing 2-lane Bruce Highway. The interchange will be to the north of the existing Harvey Siding Road and Bruce Highway intersection. Connections will be made back to Harvey Siding and Ashfords roads for local traffic.

Curra Interchange