Far North Queensland District

Far North Queensland, which is often known simply as FNQ, is the northernmost part of the Australian state of Queensland. Its largest city is Cairns and it is dominated geographically by Cape York Peninsula, which stretches north to the Torres Strait, and west to the Gulf Country. The waters of Torres Strait include the only international border in the area contiguous with the Australian mainland, between Australia and Papua New Guinea.

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  1. Bruce Highway (Ingham - Innisfail), East Feluga Road and Feluga Road, improve intersection

    We will deliver a $6 million upgrade to the Feluga and East Feluga Road and Bruce Highway intersection...

    Bruce Highway Feluga and East Feluga intersection upgrade
  2. Bruce Highway (Ingham – Innisfail), Smiths Gap, construct southbound overtaking lane and fauna overpass

    The Department of Transport and Main Roads is progressing a project to build a southbound overtaking lane at Smiths Gap on the Bruce Highway. The project will include the construction of a fauna...

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  3. Bruce Highway (Innisfail - Cairns), Innisfail Bypass, plan and preserve corridor

    A planning study is currently being undertaken to identify and preserve a corridor for a future bypass of Innisfail...

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  4. Bruce Highway, Cairns Southern Access Corridor (Stage 3), Edmonton to Gordonvale, construction

    A 10.5km upgrade and duplication of the Bruce Highway between Edmonton and Gordonvale is being delivered. The project is Stage 3 of the Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade Master Plan released in 2010...

    Overhead shot of road with surrounding land, mountains
  5. Bruce Highway, Cairns Southern Access Corridor (Stage 4), Kate Street to Aumuller Street, widen to six lanes

    We are upgrading the Bruce Highway—Cairns Southern Access Corridor from Kate Street (renamed Links Drive) to Aumuller Street to a 6-lane dual carriageway. Additional works include upgrades through to...

    Kate Street to Aumuller Street
  6. Bruce Highway, Cairns Southern Access Corridor (Stage 5), Foster Road upgrade intersection

    Planning for the Bruce Highway, Cairns Southern Access Corridor, (Stage 5) Foster Road upgrade intersection project will assess and recommend options to upgrade this intersection...

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  7. Burke Developmental Road (Normanton - Dimbulah), progressive sealing

    We are progressively sealing unsealed sections of the Burke Developmental Road between Almaden and Chillagoe...

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  8. Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade master plan

    The Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade master plan was released in 2010. It was the result of a planning study that investigated long term, multi-modal transport planning options to address the impacts of...

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  9. Cairns Southern Access Cycleway, construct cycleway

    We are reinvesting project savings to deliver a new off-road cycleway adjacent to the Bruce Highway consistent with the Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade Masterplan...

    Cairns Southern Access Cycleway
  10. Cairns Transit Network

    We have commenced planning for a new transit network for Cairns. This planning includes building a network to deliver dedicated public transport spines that will connect the length and breadth of...

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  11. Cairns Western Arterial Road, Harley Street, upgrade intersection

    We have upgraded the Cairns Western Arterial Road between Kamerunga Road and Stoney Creek Road, including the Harley Street intersection at Kamerunga...

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  12. Cairns Western Arterial Road, Loridan Drive intersection upgrade planning

    The department has completed a $550,000 planning project to investigate possible upgrades at the intersection of Cairns Western Arterial Road and Loridan Drive...

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  13. Cairns Western Arterial Road, Redlynch Connector Road to Captain Cook Highway, duplication

    The department is undertaking a $300 million project is being undertaken to duplicate the Cairns Western Arterial Road between Redlynch Connector Road and Captain Cook Highway...

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  14. Cairns to Northern Tablelands Access Strategy

    We are undertaking a $1.25 million planning study to look at improving the capacity and efficiency of transport routes between Cairns and the Northern Tablelands...

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  15. Cape York Region Package

    Cape York Region Package was a 5-year (2014-15 to 2018-19) $276 million program of works jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments to upgrade critical infrastructure on Cape York...

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  16. Cape York Region Package Stage 2

    Cape York Regional Package Stage 2 is a $237.5 million program of works to deliver road infrastructure upgrades on Cape York Peninsula between 2019-2020 and 2023-2024...

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  17. Captain Cook Highway (Cairns - Mossman) Poolwood Road roundabout to Endeavour Road, planning

    The Department of Transport and Main Roads is undertaking a planning study to investigate options for upgrading the section of Captain Cook Highway between Poolwood Road and Endeavour Road...

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  18. Captain Cook Highway, Cairns CBD to Smithfield, Upgrade

    We are progressing the planning for a $359 million program of road upgrades on Captain Cook Highway between Cairns and Smithfield...

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