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  1. Burdekin River Bridge, rehabilitation program

    Rehabilitation and maintenance program to preserve the structural integrity of the Burdekin River Bridge. The ongoing program will ensure a safe and durable crossing is maintained for the long-term...

    Burdekin River Bridge
  2. Bruce Highway (Ayr - Townsville), Killymoon Creek to Townsville Port Road, improve intersection

    Upgrading the Bruce Highway intersections at Allendale Drive, Three Sisters Drive and Muntalunga Drive will improve travelling conditions and safety...

  3. Bruce Highway (Ayr-Townsville), Inkerman overtaking lane and safety improvement projects

    Construction of a new northbound overtaking lane on the Bruce Highway at Fredericksfield and upgrades to the intersection with Mount Inkerman Road...

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  4. Bruce Highway (Ingham – Innisfail), Gairloch Floodway, safety improvements

    Planning has commenced to improve safety and reduce the time of closure due to flooding on a complex section of the Bruce Highway at the Gairloch floodway, 5km north of Ingham...

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  5. Bruce Highway, Haughton River Floodplain Upgrade, construct bridges and approaches

    Safety and flood resilience upgrades to the Bruce Highway at Giru; including wider and higher-level bridges, reconfigured intersections and 13.5km of upgraded highway...

    Haughton River Bridge
  6. Flinders Highway (Townsville – Charters Towers), Townsville to Mingela Range (Package 1 and 2), construct overtaking lanes

    The Flinders Highway (Townsville to Charters Towers) overtaking lane project will deliver 3 new overtaking opportunities on this key inland freight route to improve safety for motorists...

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  7. Gregory Developmental Road (Charters Towers - Lynd), package of works

    Culvert upgrade, pavement strengthening and pavement widening on Gregory Developmental Road between Charters Towers and the Lynd...

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  8. Ingham to Cardwell Range Planning Study

    We are undertaking a study to find the best solution to improve the flood immunity of the Bruce Highway from South of Ingham to the Cardwell Range...

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  9. North Queensland Principal Cycle Network, Townsville City Centre to James Cook University

    The Townsville City Centre to James Cook University Cycleway Planning project is designed to establish a long-term vision to provide a fit-for-purpose, interconnected and safe bike route between the...

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  10. Riverway Drive Stage 2 (Allambie Lane to Dunlop Street)

    The Riverway Drive Stage 2 project will improve the safety, capacity and efficiency of Riverway Drive between Allambie Lane and Dunlop Street in Kelso, Townsville...

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  11. South Townsville Road (Railway Estate), Rooneys Bridge, rehabilitate bridge

    A 4.5t load limit across Rooneys Bridge, Railway Estate, Townsville is in place while works are underway to repair deteriorated concrete bridge piles...

    Photograph of variable message sign showing "Rooney's bridge"
  12. Townsville Connection Road (Idalia), University Road to Bowen Road Bridge, improve safety

    Townsville Connection Road is being upgraded to dual lanes between University Road and Bowen Road Bridge including upgrades at all three intersections; Gartrell Drive, Mervyn Crossman Drive/Fairfield...

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  13. Townsville Eastern Access Rail corridor

    The Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor (TEARC) project is a proposed 8.3km rail freight line connecting the North Coast rail line directly into the Port of Townsville...

    Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor
  14. Townsville Northern Access Intersections Upgrade (Bruce Highway, Veales Road to Pope Road)

    The Townsville Northern Access Intersections Upgrade project will improve road safety, efficiency and travel time reliability for freight and passenger vehicles on the Bruce Highway in Townsville...

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  15. Townsville Ring Road (Stage 5)

    The Townsville Ring Road Stage 5 project will deliver improved road safety, efficiency and travel time reliability for freight and passenger vehicles on the Bruce Highway in Townsville...

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  16. Townsville State Development Area Planning

    We are undertaking planning and business case development for improved freight access between the Port of Townsville and the Townsville State Development Area...

    Aerial view of the Townsville State Development Area Road
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