Yorkeys Knob boat ramp

We are constructing a new recreational boat launching facility at Yorkeys Knob.

Yorkeys Knob was identified as a strategic location for additional boat launching facility to the north of the Cairns CBD through the Recreational Boating Facilities Demand Forecasting Study undertaken in 2016. The study concluded that there is an urgent need for an additional boat ramp north of Cairns, and that Yorkeys Knob was the most suitable site due to:

  • its central location
  • its access to the open sea
  • its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef
  • the relatively minor additional environmental disturbance required for its construction given the area is already highly disturbed by existing coastal and foreshore development.

The new boat ramp and associated on-land facilities will be constructed on vacant state-owned land and seabed to the west of Yorkeys Knob Boating Club marina and to the north of Half Moon Bay Golf Club, with an access road on state land between the two clubs.

We will to work closely with Cairns Regional Council (CRC) to determine the configuration of parking and other on-land facilities. TMR and CRC signed a deed of agreement in November 2019 about the contribution of CRC to the project and related matters.

This new facility will:

  • improve safety and reduce congestion at the existing Yorkeys Knob boat ramp
  • reduce wait times for boaties on the north side of the Cairns CBD, for both launching and retrieving
  • complement the recent upgrade to the Trinity Park/Bluewater boat ramp.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Better road access
  • Increases car parks
  • Increases traffic flow

Key features

  • 6 lane boat ramp with 2 floating walkways
  • 2 new breakwaters for wave protection
  • a dredged basin
  • an access channel connecting to the existing dredged entrance servicing Half Moon Creek, Bluewater Marina, and Trinity Park canal estate
  • a sealed car-trailer park on state land to accommodate cars-trailer units
  • a new access road to connect the boating facility to Buckley Street.

Project stages

  • Late 2019, early 2020: preliminary design phase which includes stakeholder consultation
  • First Quarter 2020: detailed design phase
  • Mid to late 2020: environmental approvals
  • Late 2020: tendering for construction
  • Early 2021: construction starts—timing dependent on several factors including the granting of agency approvals.


Yorkeys Knob boat ramp carpark preliminary design
Yorkeys Knob boat ramp detailed design