Bruce Highway, Cairns Southern Access Corridor, (Stage 3) Edmonton to Gordonvale, construction

A total transport solution is being undertaken to provide long-term improvements to traffic flow and road safety through reducing congestion, highway travel time and improving road access.

A 10.5km upgrade and duplication of the Bruce Highway between Edmonton and Gordonvale is being delivered. The project is Stage 3 of the Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade Master Plan released in 2010.

This project will deliver significant safety improvements along this section of the Bruce Highway, which is the busiest 2-lane section of the Bruce Highway between Brisbane and Cairns.

Cairns Southern Access Corridor Stage 3


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Better road access
  • Contributes to regional growth
  • Better active transport
  • Contributes to economy

Key features

  • Duplication of all existing 2 lane sections of the Bruce Highway between Edmonton and Gordonvale to 4 lanes.
  • A new alignment for the Bruce Highway to the eastern side of the existing highway between Petersen Road and Warner Road.
  • A new signalised intersection at Petersen Road and upgraded signalised intersections at Draper Road and Riverstone Road.
  • Over 10km of new service roads to remove local trips from the highway.
  • Realignment and upgrade of 4.5 kilometres of the Queensland Rail North Coast Line to accommodate the duplicated highway.
  • Removal of multiple at grade rail crossings and upgrade of boom gates at other crossings.
  • New road and rail bridges at Wrights Creek and Stoney Creek.
  • New Bruce Highway road overpass south of Maitland Road connecting Pine Creek-Yarrabah Road and Maitland Road.
  • Relocation of existing cane rail lines at locations to accommodate the duplicated highway.
  • A new pedestrian overpass south of Draper Road, a new pedestrian overpass north of Draper Road and pedestrian path on the Bruce Highway road overpass south of Maitland Road.
  • A dedicated off-road high-speed cycleway from Riverstone Road to tie into the existing pathway at Thompson Road.
  • Several intersections and direct accesses to the existing Bruce Highway will either be partially closed or removed to improve traffic flow and increase road safety on the highway.
  • Changes to the highway completed through this project will allow the posted speed to be 100km/hr from north of the Draper Road intersection to south of Petersen Road intersection.

Infrastructure naming

TMR is calling on the community to assist in the naming of key infrastructure. 

The E2G project is made up of 5 large structures, including 3 water crossings and 2 overpass structures. We may also consider names for other pieces of infrastructure along the E2G project based on the nominations received. 

The name should highlight the Cairns, Gordonvale and Edmonton's culture and history—be it a person, place, event, flora or fauna. Before making a nomination, please ensure you have read the nomination details and mandatory selection criteria information on the E2G Road Infrastructure Naming at the link below.

If you have previously contacted TMR with a naming recommendation, you will need to submit your naming suggestion via the formal process for it to be considered.

Nominations close midnight Friday 23 July 2021. Good Luck!

Make a nomination

Pedestrian overpass concept

Pedestrian overpass (above): concept only

Pedestrian overpass (side): concept only

Note: Certain aspects of the scope included in this concept design may change as design progresses.


The project is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments on an 80:20 (federal:state) basis. QTRIP investment ID 383276

Total investment
$481 million
Australian Government
$384.8 million
Queensland Government
$96.2 million

Project flyover

Video Transcript

We are upgrading the Bruce Highway between Edmonton and Gordonvale.

This is one of the busiest two-lane sections of the Bruce Highway between Cairns and Brisbane.
This exciting $481 million project will deliver a total transport solution, long-term improvements to traffic flow and road safety for all motorists catering for the future population growth of the southern corridor to Cairns We are duplicating the Bruce Highway to have four-lanes between Edmonton and Gordonvale.

A new signalised intersection will be constructed at Petersen Road.
New road and rail bridges will be built at Stoney Creek and Wrights Creek We're also building a new Bruce Highway overpass connecting to both Pine-Creek Yarrabah Road and Maitland Road which will greatly improve highway access, safety and connectivity.

Upgrades to the signalised intersections at Draper Road and Riverstone Road will improve traffic flow for motorists Several intersections and highway accesses will be either partially closed or removed to improve road safety on the highway Works include the realignment and upgrade of sections of Queensland Rail’s North Coast Line to accommodate the duplicated highway.

Better, safer facilities will be provided for cyclists and the active transport community with a new full length, off-road cycleway.
Upgrades delivered through this project will increase the posted speed between Edmonton and Gordonvale to 100km/hr.
We're investing in the future of North Queensland by delivering projects which will support safety, and population growth We’re committed to bringing you a more efficient highway motoring experience, to get you where you need to be safely and on time.

Current status

Earthworks have commenced across multiple sections of the project. Realignment of Queensland Rail’s North Coast Line and impacted cane rail network are currently underway. Construction of new local road connections remain ongoing.

Project map

Project map


Project timeline

November 2017

Building Queensland business case approved

December 2017

Reference design released

October 2018

Early Contractor Involvement commenced

October 2019

Contract awarded to John Holland Seymour White AECOM Joint Venture

October 2019

Design works commenced


Preliminary construction commences

Late 2020

Design completion


Construction completion, weather permitting