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TMR Artwork Storyline Travelling by Gilimbaa

TMR Artwork Storyline – 'Travelling' by GilimbaaMeandering pathways wind their way across the land to the sea, opening up country and connecting people. Trade lines are established, knowledge is gained, and new ways of learning and living are passed on to the next generation. We live together in understanding, sharing our cultures, our customs and stories.

The TMR artwork "Travelling" essentially reads as a 'road map' of the State of Queensland.

Orientated to portrait format with the Rainbow Serpent facing upwards, this artwork explores both the cultural and geographical landscape of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in Queensland.

Beginning from the bottom of the artwork the Rainbow Serpent slowly meanders its way northwards creating and forming the landscape. The bold red rectangular motifs represent the built up urban city-scape of the South-East Queensland region.

The bright golden dotted strip is indicative of our beautiful coastline and magnificent beaches. Moving out west over the great divide into dry arid country then up into River country before being engulfed by the Rainforest region of the Cape.

Finally arriving at the tip of Queensland to the pristine turquoise waters of the Torres Strait Islands.

The TMR artwork is 'Connecting Queensland'.

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Last updated
24 August 2017