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Moggill Pocket Arterial Road/Moggill–Warrego Highway Connection


The Moggill Pocket Arterial Road corridor, also known as the Moggill—Warrego Highway Connection, runs from the Centenary Highway at Fig Tree Pocket and connects to the Warrego Highway at North Tivoli, passing through the suburbs of Kenmore, Pullenvale, Anstead and Karalee.

Moggill Pocket Arterial map 


  • The need for this corridor was identified in the 1960s, in the landmark Wilbur Smith and Associates Brisbane Transportation Study.
  • In the late 1970s, in response to land development pressures, the then Department of Main Roads planned and preserved this corridor based on its current standards for a four-lane median-divided road.

Current status

Centenary Highway to Moggill Road (also known as Kenmore Bypass)

In 2006–07 the then Department of Main Roads undertook a desktop planning study into the feasibility of a Kenmore Bypass.

The study examined previous planning work and updated it with current knowledge to identify the scope of works required to provide the bypass, including impacts, benefits and an indicative cost. Preliminary investigations were completed in 2007.

Currently there is no decision or funding to build a Kenmore Bypass.

Moggill Road to Warrego Highway

As determined by the Western Brisbane Transport Network Investigation, this corridor will not be required under the land use projections in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2005–26, but remains as an important future corridor.

For further information, please visit the Western Brisbane Transport Network Investigation site.

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